Quality production in an industrial plant depends on the efficient operation of equipment, and control panel safety and reliability is an important part of that process. Industrial control panels are designed to allow an operator to control various pieces of equipment, and as such are susceptible to a number of safety risks. Manufacturers of industrial control panels must therefore ensure compliance to relevant testing, certification and standards. We’ve developed a range of testing & certification programs to meet your needs, giving you the ability to produce either high volumes or one-of-a-kind assemblies for your customers, depending on your need. Our certification options cover a range of industrial control panel shop equipment, including:

  • Compressors
  • General control panels for the U.S. or Canadian markets
  • Industrial heating
  • Oil and gas burning equipment
  • Panels with barriers for intrinsically safe (IS) circuits
  • Relay/PLC
  • Service entrance requirements
  • Traffic lights controllers

Special Industrial Control Panel Program (SICP)

The Special Industrial Control Panel (aka “Panel Shop Certification”) Program provides you maximum flexibility and control over how and when your product can enter the market. With SICP, you can access training that helps your panel assembly personnel understand the applicable standards and codes, leading to qualification of your staff. Your qualified personnel then ensure all requirements are met and can apply the CSA Mark to the panels (within the agreed scope).

Panel Shop Field Evaluations

Field Evaluations are a one time, on-site verification service to help control panel manufacturers get their product safely and quickly into the market. This service is ideal for yearly product runs that are less than 500 units per mode. All field evaluations can be conducted at your facility, a CSA Group laboratory or at the final installation site. Upon successful verification, your CSA Group technical representative will mark each product with a serialized CSA label.

  • Control panels entering the U.S. market – verified under our S. Field Evaluation Program against the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements, the National Electrical Code (NEC) and UL 508A standard for Industrial Control Panels.
  • Control panels entering the Canadian market – verified under our Special Inspection Program and are evaluated against SPE-1000 Model Code for the Field Evaluation of Electrical Equipment, Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 14 standard for Industrial Control Equipment.
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