Clean hydrogen – a key component of a net-zero future

Hydrogen, produced by technologies powered by non-emitting sources or using carbon capture and sequestration, offers a carbon-neutral energy solution. Clean hydrogen can help decarbonize many industries where emission reduction measures may be difficult to implement, from transportation and manufacturing to heating. Canada’s abundant resources and technological expertise make our country well-positioned to become a leader in producing, using, and exporting clean hydrogen and related technologies.

The Hydrogen Strategy for Canada sets the framework for adopting clean hydrogen as a key component in achieving our net-zero emissions targets by 2050 while also fostering energy security, economic growth, and job creation.

For more than 20 years, CSA Group has been a leader in research and standards development to help advance hydrogen as a viable option for clean transportation and energy. Our standards solutions address various aspects of hydrogen production, delivery, storage, and end use and bolster harmonization efforts across North America and globally.

Advanced classification of hydrogen: Life cycle assessment and beyond

The extent of benefits presented by hydrogen depends on the way it is produced, distributed, and used. Insights from CSA Group research can help support the development of a classification system for hydrogen carbon intensity.

CSA Group standards solutions to help decarbonize the economy through clean hydrogen

A hydrogen fuel cell-powered bus stands at the station

Hydrogen vehicles and fuel cell technologies

A model of a hydrogen molecule

Safe and reliable deployment of hydrogen technologies