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  • E-Labelling can continue to be used in Great Britain under Brexit.
  • The SAE 1113 series in North America can be seen as the counterpart to the ISO 11452 series.

The number of electrical and electronic components in vehicles is steadily increasing. Our specialized laboratory allows us to test and approve individual components or complete vehicles, in accordance with regulatory EMC requirements. Many countries also require the ECE R10 test, which CSA Group is recognized or accredited for around the world by various regulatory authorities, including the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt [Federal Motor Transport Authority]) in Germany, the SNCH (Société Nationale de Certification et d’Homologation) in Luxembourg, and Taiwan’s VSCC (Vehicle Safety Certification Center).

We can also help you meet the requirements of many OEMs through our testing reports for EMC and electrical requirements. We are accredited under the relevant standards, including the following ISO series:

  • ISO 11451
  • ISO 11452
  • ISO 7637
  • ISO 10605
  • CISPR requirements

Supplying E-Mobility related equipment and accessories has also become increasingly important and power supplies for these products, such as DC 500V/160A or DC1000V/80A, must also meet OEM requirements. For testing power inverters, including E-Machines, we set systems up on a test bench (operating outside of EMC halls) to simulate actual running operations without influencing the EMC results and significantly reducing setup costs. We can also assist you with the testing of monitoring equipment and other equipment.

Functional Safety

For the last 20 years CSA Group has been engaged in Functional Safety using IEC 61508 to certify safety devices and full safety systems. ISO 26262, which has many aspects in common with IEC 61508, is an automotive functional safety standard that addresses safety critical applications. ISO 26262 offers guidance on semiconductor FMEDA analysis for hardware architecture metrics, fault tolerance, identifying safety related gaps, and dealing with safety software to achieve target ASILs objectives.


In addition to thorough testing of vehicles and vehicle components, we offer services for the evaluation and certification of functional safety.

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