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A wide range of mechanical, thermal, or climate conditions can affect your equipment during transport, storage, or operation. These conditions may shorten the working life of components, affect the operation of equipment and systems, or alter the characteristics of materials.

We offer a full suite of testing services for temperature and climate, temperature shock, vibration, mechanical shock, corrosion, and ingress protection using a variety of simulated environmental conditions to evaluate products:

  • Temperature and climate testing: Learn how a component responds under varying temperature and humidity conditions. Our climatic chambers allow us to test a component’s functionality between -70 °C and +180 °C and 10% to 98% humidity, with a temperature change rate up to 10 k/min.
  • Temperature shock testing: For extreme thermal stress and alteration, samples can be moved from one chamber to another in less than 10 seconds, to show how products respond to an extreme temperature change (-80 °C to +220 °C) in a short period of time.
  • Vibration testing (sine and noise testing): We use vibration or movement to simulate what can happen in real life for test specimens up to 160 kg, which allows us to acquire information about a product’s resilience during extensive transport or in an industrial plant environment. We assess how much force a product can tolerate and whether it’s a risk of impaired function, deformed housing, or component destruction.
  • Mechanical shock testing: This test measures a product’s response to sudden and extreme amounts of acceleration or deceleration. With this type of testing, impact testing is also included. Our technicians use advanced data acquisition systems to analyze the component’s performance.
  • Corrosion testing: By spraying a mixture of defined salts on a component, we acquire reliable data to estimate your product’s service life in specific atmospheric conditions and identify which materials may be best suited to your service environment.
  • Ingress protection (IP) testing: To make sure a product can be used in outdoor or industrial applications, its enclosure must be able to withstand moisture and dust. Our IP tests validate a product’s ability to perform as expected in these conditions.

Top reasons to put your confidence in CSA Group for environmental simulation testing:

  • Trusted experts for environmental simulation tests: Rely on a state-of-the-art environmental testing laboratory that can simulate a variety of environmental conditions your products may be exposed to, from manufacturing to transportation and field use.
  • Reliable and broad product testing experience: We test a variety of products and systems, including automotive products, industrial products, medical devices, radio equipment, electricity meters and consumer products.
  • Testing and assessment against key standards: We can test your products against relevant standards, including IEC/EN 60068, IEC/EN 60529, IEC/EN 60068-2-11 KA, ISO 9227 and ISO 20653.
  • Provision of relevant information: CSA Group helps you with information concerning national and international environmental testing standards (e.g., EN, ETSI, IEC) as well as industry standards.
  • Accredited testing laboratory: We conduct environmental simulation tests in accordance with the accredited ISO/IEC 17025 standard.


In addition to in-depth testing, we also offer certification services to give your product access to global markets.

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