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We offer environmental simulation testing in many technical areas.


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Testing services, mechanical properties, thermal and climate conditions.

A wide range of mechanical, thermal, and climate conditions affect your equipment during transport, storage, and operation. These conditions shorten the working life of components, affect the operation of equipment and systems, and alter the characteristics of materials.

We offer a full suite of testing in the areas of temperature and climate, temperature shock, vibration, mechanical shock, corrosion, and ingress protection to help you ensure and optimize the quality of your products.

CSA Group can support you in the following areas:

  • Information concerning national and international environmental testing standards (e.g., EN, ETSI, IEC) and industry standards
  • Climate testing from -40° C to +180° C (10% to 98% rel. hum.) under mechanical stress
  • Temperature shock testing from -80° C to +220° C.
  • Vibration testing (sine, noise) for test specimens up to 160 kg.
  • Shock testing up to 100 g.
  • Climate stress screening with temperature change rates up to 10 K/min
  • Salt spray testing for atmospheric environmental conditions (corrosion)
  • IP degree of protection tests
  • Thermography/Thermographic analysis; heating problem advice and solutions
  • Impact testing/Fall drum testing

Control and monitoring can be developed and set up in-house.
We conduct tests and laboratory operations in accordance with the accredited DIN EN ISO-IEC 17025 standard.


In addition to in-depth testing, we also offer certification services to give your product access to global markets.



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