Keep pace with today’s growing demand for electronics with EMC certification and pave the way to international markets

Did You Know?

  • EMC disturbances can cause serious malfunctions that may result in significant hazards to the user. With electronic usage soaring in a wide range of settings, EMC testing is increasingly critical to safety.
  • The first known act of EMC regulation was Europe’s "Lighting Clauses Act" of 1899. It addressed defective electric lamps that caused other lights in the neighborhood to flicker.

The world continues to rely heavily on electronics with demand multiplying every year. EMC mandates help ensure multiple electronics can work together well and are safe to use.Electronics must function without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance or degrading performance.

CSA Group offers EMC testing to help you comply with various regulations and gain access to sell your electronics around the world. We can help you navigate this fast-moving and complex field with state-of-the-art EMC testing equipment, laboratories, and a team of electronics experts.

Top reasons to put your confidence in CSA Group for EMC testing:

  • Speed your product to market: Our EMC expertise can help increase testing efficiency and reduce your time to market
  • Test your product in globally-recognized EMC laboratories: Our testing facilities are recognized in countries around the world and support a wide variety of required tests
  • Depend on our cutting-edge technology: Our EMC testing teams use diverse anechoic chambers with dynamometers, open area test sites, shielded rooms, radio frequency (RF) and over-the-air (OTA) test sites
  • Simplify EMC certification with one testing provider: We have experience in a wide range of electronics, including automotive, power tools, IT, multimedia, radio communications, process and control, medical, machinery, and many others
  • Rely on a provider with top accreditations: We are accredited and recognized by DAkkS, KBA, SNCH, VCCI, ISED, FCC, CAB (for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission), and IECEE CB Scheme; we are a Notified Body for the EMC, MID and RE-Directives (2014/30/EU, 2014/32/EU, and 2014/53/EU) for Europe


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