CSA Group

Celebrating our first century of higher standards

Since developing our first standard in 1919, we’ve since established the Technical Committee to work towards the first ever guidelines to assess and measure Building Energy Systems. We’ve published the first national standard on home inspections through a single recognized document, and the world’s first standard to address mental health in the work place. We’ve also been certified as the first compressed natural gas dispenser in North America.

But these are just a few of our milestones, over the last century, we’ve helped change the landscape of testing, inspection and certification, and standards development.

100 years. Amazing innovation can happen in that time; life changing discoveries, that bring the future into focus.

But to make progress, someone has to pave the way, somebody has to make sure that safety accompanies innovation.

That’s what CSA Group has done since 1919, with the standards developed with our members, and the support of our testing, inspection and certification team - the people who love the work they do, they understand its importance, they’re committed to it.

The life expectancy and health expectancy of people around the world has been greatly enhanced through the introduction of standards.

We’ve always put people first: innovators, builders, workers, and consumers. We hear their voices and guard their safety.

We focus on patients and care-givers by developing standards that support an integrated system of care. From healthcare facilities, to community paramedicine.

Since the first Canadian Electrical Code in 1927, we’ve been pioneers in electrical safety, so consumers can be confident where they live and work, and in the products they use.

When innovation moves forward, we update the codes and standards we’ve developed to keep products, services, and places safe.

The standards we develop help all of us be better stewards of our planet; a commitment that’s more important than ever.

We focus on enabling cleaner energy to help innovators advance efficient solutions for use everywhere, from large urban centers to remote regions of Canada’s North.

To advance climate change, we’ve led the way in greenhouse gas accounting, and developed the world’s first carbon capture and storage standards. We’re updating infrastructure standards to support resiliency.

We make a lasting impact by supporting public policy, addressing new challenges, and creating an environment in which innovation can thrive.

We produce standards to ensure that Canada’s infrastructure continues to innovate and put engineering advancements and new technologies to use.

We work diligently to create standards worthy of shaping public policies that protect lives across the country.

We continue to protect the future of Canada’s natural resources, with standards for forestry, mining, oil and gas, and water resources.

We’re proud of all we’ve done; the 3,000 standards we’ve developed together with our 10,000 members, and the countless lives we’ve saved and improved together.

It’s a very exciting place to be, and it’s very much a function of the people we’ve attracted and the important work that we do.

You made it happen, with your expertise, your passion, and your tireless work.

I believe our first century was only the beginning, let’s keep looking forward, working together, and holding the future to a higher standard.


Our first 100 years from the beginning
Holding the future to a higher standard

We currently work in more than 54 areas of technology, including electronic vehicles, alternative fuels, nano materials, wind solar energy, and fuel cells.


Image of a group of people in an office setting having a discussion.
CSA Communities reach 70,000 global members

CSA Communities reach 70,000 global members who collaborate to develop and enhance standards.

Image of a group of people in an office environment huddled around a laptop..
We launch CSA OnDemand™

We launch the CSA OnDemand subscription database making it more efficient for customers to access codes and standards.


Image of a man wearing protective gloves conducting a pressure test
We're authorized to issue approvals in the Japanese Hazardous Locations market

We are authorized to issues certificates of approval to help manufacturers access the Japanese Hazardous Locations market.


Image of two people wearing lab coats and protective cloves, inspecting medical equipment
We open a medical lab in South Korea

We open a medical lab in Songpa-gu, Seoul, specializing in testing and certification services for electro-medical and lab equipment.


Image of multiple people participating in a meeting in an office environment.
We publish the first edition of the Z1003.1 standard addressing mental health in the workplace.

The Psychological Health and Safety in the Paramedic Services Organization standard is published to assist paramedic services organizations in identifying, managing, and improving psychological health and safety.


Image of CSA Group's head office building in Toronto.
We align all of our divisions under CSA Group

CSA Standards, OnSpeX and CSA International are merged under the singular CSA Group brand to better reflect our presence as a leader in the global marketplace.


Image of a man testing a medical device.
We acquire European-based firm, IntraTest GmbH

We expand our European-based medical device testing capabilities with the acquisition of IntraTest GmbH.


Image of two people conducting electrical tests at one of CSA Group's European laboratories.
We acquire UK-based firm, SIRA

We strengthen our European footprint by acquiring SIRA Test and Certification Limited, SIRA Certification Service, SIRA Environmental, and SIRA Consulting Limited.


Image of a personal applying a U.S. Field Evaluation sticker to an appliance.
Our OnSpeX division is launched

We launch our OnSpeX division focusing on consumer product evaluation services, data management, and quality management.


Image of a person in safety glasses conducting energy efficiency verification testing.
We're authorized for energy efficiency verification testing

The U.S. Department of Energy authorizes CSA International for energy efficiency verification testing.


Image of multiple people participating in a boardroom meeting.
CSA International is founded

CSA Certification and Testing division becomes known as CSA International.


Image of two people conducting gas cycle chamber tests.
We acquire International Approval Services, Inc.

We acquire International Approval Services, Inc., and begin to develop standards for gas equipment, fuel cells, and related energy sectors in Canada and the U.S.


Image of a person conducting component testing.
We become a nationally recognized testing laboratory

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration accredits us as a nationally recognized testing laboratory.


Image of two people wearing lab coats walking down a laboratory hallway.
We establish the Quality Management Institute

We establish the Quality Management Institute to administer Z299 and ISO 9000 quality assurance registration programs.


Image of multiple people in a boardroom environment working on their laptops.
The Metric Practice Guide is published

We publish the Metric Practice Guide that would prove to be instrumental in helping professionals understand and apply the International System of Units.


Image of two people walking down a laboratory hallway holding clipboards.
We are officially recognized as a standards development organization

We are officially accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a standards development organization.


Image of two people in an office environment having a conversation.
We develop the Occupational Health and Safety Standards

We develop the Occupational Health and Safety Standards. The national Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Standards is developed to define requirements for reducing risk in the workplace.


Image of a man, wearing personal protective equipment, conducting a laboratory test.
We develop the Personal Protective Equipment standard

We develop Canada’s first Personal Protective Equipment standard to help reduce workplace injury and death.


Image of a person in an office meeting environment, writing on a dry erase board.
We become a member of the International Organizations of Standards

We become a member of the voluntary organization, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), whose members are recognized authorities on standards development.


Image of the Power Operated Radio certification mark.
We introduce our first certification mark

The first certification mark is introduced to demonstrate that a product has been rigorously tested against applicable standards.


Image of the Canadian Standards Association logo
We rename the organization to represent our expanding scope

We rename the organization from the Canadian Engineering Standards Association (CESA), to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


Image of a testing-in-progress sign.
We start testing and certifying products

We begin testing and certifying electrical products intended for sale and installation in Canada.


Image of the first edition of the Canadian Electrical Code.
The first edition of the Canadian Electrical Code is published

The first edition of the Canadian Electrical Code is published, which remains one of CSA Group's most important and influential series of standards.


Black and white image of workers working on a steel railway bridge.
The steel railway bridges standard is issued in Canada

We issue our first ever standard for steel railway bridges in Canada. The original copy of this standard still remains at our head office in Toronto.


Image of the Letters Patent issued by The Secretary of Canada on January 21, 1919
CESA is founded

The Canadian Engineering Standards Association (CESA) is founded and is federally chartered to create standards for needs including aircraft parts, bridges, and wire rope.