CSA Group and its subsidiaries frequently receive requests for proof of insurance to meet the internal requirements of clients’ or suppliers’, or as a condition for CSA Group staff to access facilities while delivering our services.  To efficiently address such requests, we have created Memoranda of Insurance* (“MOI”) that provide evidence of the most commonly requested insurance coverages for CSA Group operations in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. These MOIs are self-serve documents for our clients and suppliers, similar to a Certificate of Insurance (“COI”), to demonstrate the coverage information they need.  The MOIs are readily accessible on the internet 24/7 throughout the year**.

By clicking on the appropriate button above, you will be directed to a PDF of the MOI for the respective country.  You can easily view, download and print the memorandum document according to your specific requirements. To ensure accuracy, CSA Group staff will direct clients and suppliers to the relevant MOI. These memoranda will be promptly updated whenever CSA Group renews the policies, which typically occurs on March 1 each year.  CSA Group does not track who viewed or downloaded these MOI documents.  It is the responsibility of each user to obtain updated MOIs to satisfy their requirements on an ongoing basis.

To Contact Us

If you need a certificate of insurance that is not satisfied by the MOI, or have any questions regarding the MOIs mentioned above, please reach out to CSA Group’s Corporate Insurance at Tel: 416 747 4191 or [email protected].

* These MOI are provided for general information only and may not fulfill the insurance provisions of any contract or lease involving CSA Group or any of its subsidiaries.

** Subject to internet service provider reliability and infrequent website maintenance downtime.


Q. What is a Memorandum of Insurance (MOI)?
A MOI provides online information about a company’s insurance program, including policy numbers, coverage limits, and insurance companies. CSA Group’s Insurance Broker prepares the MOI and the information is subject to the terms and conditions stated on the memorandum.

Q. Is a MOI evidence of Insurance coverage?
Yes. The MOI is an acceptable method to evidence of current policy coverage information.

Q. How is the MOI different from a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?
The MOI displays insurance information similarly to a COI.  However, the MOI does not have a signature, does not show the certificate holder’s name, and is referred to as a Memorandum of Insurance instead of a Certificate of Insurance. Additionally, the MOI also does not have the standard cancellation wording found on a COI.

Q. How do I know if I have Additional Insured status if my company’s name does not appear on the MOI?
Some companies may not grant Additional Insured status. If such status is granted, it is typically done through an endorsement to the policy, and the extent of coverage will vary depending on the policy, carrier, and endorsement.  The MOI may indicate that the policies of insurance have been extended to provide Additional Insured status to a group of entities with whom the Insured does business. Please review the Additional Information section of the MOI for details regarding Additional Insured endorsements to the policies of insurance.

Q. Why is there no notice of cancellation on an MOI?
The MOI streamlines the process of providing insurance information by eliminating the outdated paper-intensive approach of issuing COI.  You can check the MOI at any time to verify the current coverage status.  However, viewers who access the MOI are not tracked, and therefore cannot be notified of any cancellation.

Q. What happens to the information at renewal?
CSA Group’s Insurance Broker will update the information on the MOI following policy renewal and whenever there is a significant change in coverage, term or Insurance Company.