CSA Group and its subsidiaries frequently receive requests for evidence of insurance to satisfy clients’ or suppliers’ internal requirements, or as a prerequisite to CSA Group staff entry into a facility to deliver our various services. In order to satisfy such requests in an efficient manner, our insurance broker has arranged Memoranda of Insurance* that provide evidence of the most frequently requested insurance coverages for CSA Group operations in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. These memoranda provide our clients and suppliers with a self-serve means of satisfying their internal requirements. These documents reside on the internet, can be conveniently accessed any time of day, and any day of the year**.

By clicking on the appropriate button, you will be directed to our broker’s website where, after addressing access formalities, you will be able to view, download and print the memorandum document according to your needs. Staff of CSA Group and its subsidiaries have been instructed to direct clients and suppliers to the appropriate memorandum, but are not permitted to download or print the document for distribution as this would violate our broker agreement. These memoranda will be updated promptly upon policy renewal which occurs on March 1 each year. However, as CSA Group and its broker have no way of knowing who has viewed or downloaded these documents, it is incumbent upon each user to obtain replacement memoranda to satisfy their requirements on an ongoing basis.

To Contact Us

If you require an insurance certificate to satisfy the requirements of a specific contract or lease, or have a question regarding the aforementioned Memoranda of Insurance or our Broker’s document access conditions, please contact CSA Group’s Corporate Insurance at: Tel: 416 747 4191 [email protected] * These Memoranda of Insurance are provided for general information only and, due to their abbreviated nature, are not intended to satisfy the insurance provisions of any contract or lease to which CSA Group, or any subsidiary thereof, is party to.

** Subject to internet service provider reliability and infrequent website maintenance downtime.