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Your testing services should be as unique as your business. Let us help transform your one-of-a-kind innovations into products that meet critical compliance requirements with proven testing solutions.

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High consumer confidence

Sixty-nine percent of North American consumers surveyed say they are more likely to purchase products with the CSA mark


Years of Experience

Rely on an internationally-recognized firm with over a century of experience


International Markets

Get one-stop-shop certification services to help you access over 140 markets worldwide

Testing Services

Bring your products to market confidently with world-class testing services and solutions.

Third-party verification offers you the opportunity to validate a range of product performance tests and inspect your procured products along the supply chain to help ensure contract compliance, quality, and more. CSA Group’s third-party verification services helps you to build trust with your consumers by showcasing your efforts to help protect them - all while complying with local requirements.


  • Streamline your product development cycle with a range of evaluations, inspections, and audits
  • Verify performance with design reviews, product inspections, documentation analysis, live demonstrations, and other proven testing methods
  • Confirm supply chain compliance with Supplier Quality Surveillance, Expediting Services, and Vendor Audits

As a retailer, your bottom line depends on protecting your reputation and selling products that keep your consumers coming back. CSA Group offers third-party, independent verification, inspection and testing for a range of retail products, so you can make informed decisions that keep your customers happy.


  • Meet the expectations of performance and provide evidence in support of safety demanded by your customers
  • Make testing easier by using a one-stop provider with the capabilities to test all your consumer products
  • Meet compliance and decrease liability with thorough safety, performance, and environmental testing

Comprehensive testing of your connected products and systems can help address cybersecurity risks. CSA Group will work closely with you to identify known issues and help you create a plan that addresses emerging threats or vulnerabilities as they arise.


  • Pinpoint and effectively address your cybersecurity weaknesses with our Gap Analysis solution
  • Test your IoT devices using Black Box, Grey Box, or White Box Penetration Testing methods
  • Stay ahead of potential security threats by addressing them early in the lifecycle and before production
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