Why CSA?

CSA Group leads standards development for the complex and evolving petroleum and natural gas industries

For more than 50 years, we have produced and pioneered standards related to petroleum and natural gas—serving the needs of industry, government, regulators, and the public—while helping safeguard the production, delivery, and storage of these important resources.

Today, we offer an internationally-recognized portfolio of standards in this area—many referenced in legislation and guidance documents, such as CSA Z662 - Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems and others. Our collection includes comprehensive standards that address the design, construction, installation, and safe operation of pipeline systems and components, LNG facilities, wells, underground storage, and offshore structures.

Our standards also cover wide-ranging topics such as security management, emergency preparedness and response, damage prevention, pipeline safety metrics, land use planning, and much more.

We work with stakeholders all across Canada, as well as internationally, including national and provincial regulators, operators, suppliers, and other technical experts to develop and maintain world-class standards that support the needs of the industry. Standards developed through this sector represent the technical requirements for compliance with regulations that help protect people, the environment, and property.

Thanks to the financial contribution of the Western Regulators Forum (WRF), CSA Group now provides no-fee access to CSA Petroleum and Natural Gas standards to Canadians.

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Standards for pipeline safety

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Standards for safe and reliable deployment of hydrogen technologies
Standards for upstream oil and gas
CSA Z276:22
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) - Production, storage, and handling

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You can participate in standards development in many ways. Contribute to research, become a member of a standards development committee, provide feedback on a standard in draft form during public review, join CSA Communities, and support standards development. Whatever way you choose to contribute, you’ll be directly contributing to a better, safer, more sustainable world.


Research into emerging technologies has helped make us a leader in standards innovation

Our research teams study topics like Upstream Oil and Gas Flaring, Incineration and Enclosed Combustion, publishing our findings and producing progressive standards that help increase safety and efficiency.


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CSA Store showcases our entire suite of over 3,000 codes and standards, and provides access to other international standards, industry-leading learning products, and personnel certification programs. Not everyone works in the same way. That’s why CSA Group offers different options for purchasing and accessing standards information to best suit your needs.