840,000 km

of pipeline

help gather, transport, and distribute oil and gas in Canada[1]

7 million

natural gas

customer locations across Canada[2]


of Canada’s crude oil exports

were moved through pipelines in 2020[3]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources CSA Group and its volunteer members developed to provide you with information, guidance, best practices, and requirements to help the industry take a lifecycle approach to the pipeline safety.

Research report

Development of a Risk Consistent Safety Class System and Design Safety Factors for CSA Z662 - Phase 1

Industry perspective

Link between United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and CSA Z662:19

Research report

Codes and Standards for Renewable Gas Pathways


CSA Z662:23 Pipeline systems - Essentials


CSA Z662:23 Overview of Changes


CSA Z662:23 – Safety & Loss Management

CSA Z662:23

Oil and gas pipeline systems

CSA Z245.1:22

Steel pipe

CSA Z245.11:22

Steel fittings

CSA Z245.12:21

Steel flanges

CSA Z245.15:22

Steel valves

CSA Z245.16:22

Induction bends

CSA Z245.17:22

Cold bends

CSA Z245.20 Series:22

Plant-applied external coatings for steel pipe

CSA Z245.30:20

Field-applied external coatings for steel pipeline systems

CSA Z246.1:21

Security management for petroleum and natural gas industry system

CSA Z246.2-18

Emergency preparedness and response for petroleum and natural gas industry systems

CAN/CSA-Z247-15 (R2020)

Damage prevention for the protection of underground infrastructure

CSA Z260:19

Pipeline system safety metrics

CSA Z663-18

Land use planning in the vicinity of pipeline systems

CSA EXP16:22

Human and organizational factors for optimal pipeline performance

CSA EXP13:21

Quality assurance requirements for pipe and components

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[1] Pipelines Across Canada, Natural Resources Canada, 2020
[2] Natural Gas Fact, Canadian Gas Association, accessed in February 2023
[3] Canada’s Pipeline System 2021: Economics of CER-Regulated Infrastructure, Canada Energy Regulator, 2021