Adhesive Label Program

When product certification programs require use of CSA certified adhesive labels, our adhesive label program is here to help expand your opportunities

Did You Know?

  • There are several kinds of label adhesives, but the most popular types are acrylic, rubber, and water-based.
  • Conducting environmental testing of adhesive labels can require weeks of exposure, delaying your ability to get to market quickly. The right testing partner can help you avoid these delays.

Product labeling is essential to conveying important information to buyers. The right adhesive label meets the anticipated usage demands of the product based on the situation and environment. Many factors – adhesion coating, temperature, legibility, ink, coatings – affect the ability of a label to stay in place and be readable.

For product manufacturers who need to use adhesive labels on their products, CSA Group testing helps ensure your labels meet usage criteria and perform according to conditions. We test to current standards including CSA Standard C22.2 No. 0.15 – Adhesive Labels and UL969 – Marking and Labeling Systems.

For label makers, we offer a label adoption service that provides fast market acceptance by manufacturers.

Top reasons for label manufacturers to rely on CSA Group for adhesive label certification:

  • Demonstrate durability: Our technical experts will assess the many interacting components of your adhesive labels to make sure they remain affixed and legible for an acceptable period
  • Ensure the right balance: Our experienced team will help you strike the right balance of stock, adhesion, over-laminate, ink and printing system for optimum label performance
  • Expedite your label certification: Avoid delays and lengthy environmental exposure testing with a process that predetermines the ideal adhesive label substrates best suited for your product’s operating conditions

Essential information about the CSA Group label certification program for label manufacturers:

  • Benefit from our testing: Our program allows you the opportunity to construct a label from listed CSA Group certified components that meet the requirements of their intended usage
  • Adopt a label for manufacturer use: Apply to adopt a specific label construction by a label component supplier; adopted labels can be listed on behalf of the label manufacturer for a fee without additional testing
  • Commit to consistent performance: CSA Group will work with you to conduct annual field inspection and conformity testing of adopted labels


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