Earn the sustainability mark on your point-of-purchase marketing materials that more and more shoppers today are looking for when they make their purchasing decision.

Did You Know?

  • According to the Fairtrade Foundation, 76 percent of consumers believe that independent certification by a third-party firm is the best way to verify the social and environmental claims of a product.
  • A study by Unilever revealed one-third of consumers are choosing to buy products that are verified as sustainable, and the trend is continuing upward.

Consumers are increasingly focused on buying green products from companies that demonstrate environmental consciousness. If your products meet certain criteria, a sustainability mark on your packaging can help your goods stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Our sustainability mark indicates to retailers, regulators, and consumers that your product has met defined environmental performance and corporate responsibility criteria.

Top reasons to consider the CSA sustainability mark for your point-of-purchase marketing materials: 

  • Rely on a thorough evaluation: We’ll assess key sustainability criteria such as materials of concern, energy consumption, manufacturing and operation processes, product performance, and end-of-life management
  • Trust in sustainability experts: You’ll work with a knowledgeable team of technical experts who understand sustainability and will guide you through the CSA mark
  • Gain a competitive edge: There is a large segment of consumers that value companies that are socially and environmentally responsible, and who actively look for sustainability marks

Why CSA Group

Put your confidence in a team that will work one-on-one with you and your team to help you earn the CSA sustainability mark

If your company manufactures products in a socially and environmentally responsible way, our experts will work with you to verify a range of sustainability criteria. Our methodical, yet efficient process ensures your company gets the recognized CSA sustainability mark that your green efforts deserve.

CSA Sustainability

As part of our commitment to create a more sustainable world, CSA Group can provide you the CSA sustainability mark

The CSA sustainability mark tells retailers, regulators, and consumers that your product has met defined environmental performance requirements and corporate responsibility requirements as outlined in CSA Group sustainability standards.

 - Sustainability Mark

Sustainability Mark

  • Materials of concern (toxic or hazardous materials)
  • Material efficiency (product recycled content, packaging recycled content, de-materialization or efficient use of raw material resources)
  • Energy consumption during product use
  • Manufacturing and operation processes (environmental management systems, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, water management, pollution prevention, corporate sustainability)
  • Product performance (functionality, reliability, reparability)
  • End of life management (recyclability, design for recycling, landfill diversion programs)