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CSA Group standards for built environment help safeguard human life and position Canada as a leader in building construction.

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Wireless devices have become a key part of our everyday life. They often access our personal information and communication networks.


The CSA B651 standard helps improve the health, independence, and quality of life for people living with disabilities.

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CSA Group standards help facilitate a safe, reliable deployment of Battery Electric Vehicles infrastructure across North America.

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CSA Group standards help build better health care facilities and enhance the safety and effectiveness of health care systems and services across Canad

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CSA Group codes and standards for infrastructure help safeguard human life and contribute to the progressive improvement of built environment in Canad

How the standards for search and rescue teams help ensure a consistent set of skills and level of competence.

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Understanding the Global Requirements for Hazardous Locations Equipment

This report addresses the considerations of safely providing equipment, supplies, and medications to individuals receiving health care at home and in

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The purpose of this project was to research and develop recommendations and guidance on the potential impacts of climate change for integration into

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