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CSA Group’s standards can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of bioenergy and biofuels, sustainable biomass supply chains, safety and performance of biomass conversion technologies, as well as use and end-of-life management of bio-based materials and products.

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The report summarizes what we heard during the public review of the standard CSA Z2004, Mental health and well-being in long-term care and assisted living settings.

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This study explores the potential of these new digital datasets to build on lagged traditional data and improve policymakers’ understanding of our economy and society, as well as the world’s.

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The objective of this report is to develop a strategic framework for a circular built environment (CBE) in Canada that is ready to feed into a detailed strategic framework.

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This report is about estimating future condition peak flow at bridge sites across Canada.

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Examining use of nuclear energy for production of hydrogen, and possible scenarios of the hydrogen and nuclear facilities locations.

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Hydrogen blending for use as vehicles' fuel.

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The efficacy of behavioural energy programs (BEPs) can fluctuate and the context of a specific program can have significant implications for energy savings.

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View our webinar to gain expert insights into applicable cybersecurity requirements for household appliances.


This report provides an overview of the microgrid industry in North America, synthesizing information from current literature, available standards, and industry experts.

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