The People Who
Set the

CSA Group members make our work possible.

Together, we’ve created over 3,000 codes and standards, helping make homes, workplaces, and infrastructure safer and more sustainable. By joining CSA Communities, you can join the conversation and help our committee participants and community representatives change the world for the better.

Why Become a Member?

  1. Shape the future of your industry, by contributing to the development of effective standards used by industry and often adopted by municipal, provincial, and federal governments.
  2. Make a positive difference in your profession, by sharing your expertise to help develop standards that support people, businesses, and the environment toward a better, safer, more sustainable world.
  3. Demonstrate your leadership and voice the interests of your industry in discussions with other members.
  4. Develop your career by collaborating, learning, and networking with industry experts, regulators, academics, and representatives of other interest groups.