CSA is collaborating with the Western Regulators Forum (WRF) to make oil and gas standards more accessible to Canadians. The WRF is made up of the following regulatory authorities:

Through the financial contribution of the CER, BCER, AER and Saskatchewan MER, Canadians are provided with no fee access to CSA Petroleum and Natural Gas standards. The access is currently available through March 31, 2024

Get the following CSA Petroleum and Natural Gas standards

Designation Title Download
CSA Z662:23 Oil and gas pipeline systems Download
CSA Z245.1:22 Steel pipe Download
CSA Z245.6-06 (R2021) Coiled Aluminum Line Pipe and Accessories Download
CSA Z245.11:22 Steel fittings Download
CSA Z245.12:21 Steel flanges Download
CSA Z245.15:22 Steel valves Download
CSA Z245.16:22 Induction bends Download
CSA Z245.17:22 Cold bends Download
CSA Z245.20 SERIES:22 Plant-applied external coatings for steel pipe (Series includes Z245.20, Z245.21, and Z245.22) Download
CSA Z245.30:22 Field-applied external coatings for steel pipeline systems Download
CSA Z246.1:21 Security management for petroleum and natural gas industry systems Download
CSA Z246.2:23 Emergency Preparedness and response for petroleum and natural gas industry systems Download
CSA Z247-15 (R2020) Damage prevention for the protection of underground infrastructure Download
CSA Z260:19 Pipeline system safety metrics Download
CSA Z276:22 Liquefied natural gas (LNG) – Production storage and handling Download
CSA Z341 SERIES:22 Storage of hydrocarbons in underground formations (Series includes CSA Z341.1, CSA Z341.2, and CSA Z341.4) Download
CSA Z620.1-16 Reduction of fugitive and vented emissions for upstream petroleum and natural gas industry systems (withdrawn) Download
CSA Z620.2:20 Compressor seal vent gas flow rate testing and recording Download
CSA Z620.3:22 Flaring, incineration, and enclosed combustion Download
CSA Z624:20 Well integrity management for petroleum and natural gas industry systems Download
CSA Z625:16 (R2021) Well design for petroleum and natural gas industry systems Download
CSA Z663-18 Land use planning in the vicinity of pipeline systems Download
CSA Z341S1:23 Supplement No. 1 to CSA Z341 SERIES:22, Storage of hydrocarbons in underground formations (application to hydrogen and hydrogen blends) Download

The following publications are related to Petroleum and Natural Gas standards:

Designation Title Download
CSA SPE-276.1:20 Design Requirements for Marine Structures Associated with LNG Facilities (DRMS) Download
CSA EXP276.2:19 Design Requirements for Near-Shoreline Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) Facilities Download
CSA EXP13:21 Quality Assurance Requirements for Pipe and Components Download
CSA EXP16:22 Human and Organizational Factors for Optimal Pipeline Performance Download
CSA SPE-225.1:22 A/C interference guideline Download
CSA SPE-225.2:22 Facilities integrity management program Download
CSA SPE-225.3:22 Hydrotechnical hazard integrity management Download
CSA SPE-225.4:22 Management of dents Download
CSA SPE-225.5:22 Metal loss inline inspection tool validation guidance Download
CSA SPE-225.6:22 Development of a pipeline surface loading screening process & assessment of surface load dispersing methods Download
CSA SPE-225.7:22 Managing near-neutral pH stress corrosion cracking Download
CSA SPE-276.1:20 Design requirements for marine structures associated with LNG facilities (DRMS) Download

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