Clearly the Internet of Things (IIOT) offers immense untapped opportunities for companies who are fast to adopt and implement new technologies open to unconventional partnerships and are ready to invest in the continuous education of their workforce. Greater connectivity and data sharing comes with greater threat of breach and tampering and more complex projects pose higher risks of costs due to delays, mistakes and omissions at the planning stage.

Each component of every complex ecosystem of products is a known entity at the component level. The challenge lies in the communications, diagnostics that are being built into controls, motor controllers, motors, generators, batteries, switchgear, high voltage products, etc. Addressing safety and security at the design stage can help ensure compliance at the time of product launch and potentially mitigate serious threats to safety, security and ultimately success.

In this whitepaper we uncover:

  • Safety and Security for IIoT as a Critical Success Factor
  • Protection of Data, Communications, and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Building IIoT Capabilities in the Early Stages of Design
  • Importance of Cybersecurity and Functional Safety Evaluation