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Addressing Machine And System Operational Risks In The Safety Lifecycle

In manufacturing, it is not enough to say that the operation of machines and systems is critical to the creation of the end product. “Operation” is only one part of the equation. Efficient production of end products depends on the correct operation of machines and systems in all scenarios. History shows there is a great need for industry to provide evidence of the reliability of automated safety systems to ensure the safety of people, the environment, and corporate assets. IEC 61508 and related standards provide the systematic capability lifecycle approach necessary to achieve functional safety. New and existing plants are being measured against the criteria of this standard and market requirements for elements/sub-systems that are suitable for SIL-rated systems are now commonplace.
In the whitepaper we discuss:

  • Benefits of Evaluation and Certification to Functional Safety Standards
  • Real Life Examples of the Basic Principles of Functional Safety
  • SIS Implementation
  • Steps to Achieving Functional Safety

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