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Compete in a global market for industrial and hazardous locations machinery with CSA Group’s trusted testing and certification services

Did You Know?

  • CSA Group is #1 in hazardous locations equipment certifications worldwide.
  • Hazardous locations are known as locations having potential explosive atmospheres. Such environments are defined as mixtures with air, under atmospheric conditions, of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or dust which, after ignition, permits self-sustaining propagation.

CSA Group is a leading expert in testing and certifying industrial products to meet local, national, and international compliance requirements.

We offer testing for a broad spectrum of products, including Class 3883-01 industrial electrical machinery rated up to 1000 V and either permanently installed, mobile, relocatable, or self-powered; and Class 3883-81 industrial electrical machinery rated up to 600 V and either permanently installed, mobile, relocatable, or self-powered.

We also offer testing against key standards for the industry, such as the CSA C22.2 No 0 – General Requirements, Canadian Electrical Code, Part II and CSA C22.2 No 301 Industrial Electrical Machinery; SU 2011 Factory Automation Equipment and NFPA 79 Industrial Machinery.

No matter where you manufacture or sell your machinery for industrial locations, we can help take your products to market with speed and confidence.

We are recognized worldwide and can test and certify your products at our state-of-the-art facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Reasons to choose CSA Group include our robust and comprehensive service model, including:

  • Excellent customer service: Our team is committed to rapid and dependable service and training to help guide you through the testing and certification process
  • End-to-end services: You can shorten your time to market with our full suite of related services, including functional safety evaluations
  • Respected accreditations: We are accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), so you know you’re working with a trusted company

Products Certified

You can rely on our testing and certification services to help you gain access to markets for your industrial electrical machinery products

Our extensive expertise in hazardous locations equipment means that we have a unique understanding of the demands and safety considerations for machinery and tools in high-risk and often dangerous environments.

Access new customers for your products with our globally recognized certifications for all kinds of machinery and tools, including Class 3883-01 industrial electrical machinery rated up to 1000 V.

Trust CSA Group’s specialized expertise and excellent customer service to help validate the quality, safety, and compliance of all types of Class 3883-81 industrial electrical machinery rated up to 600 V.

Shop Standards

Access the standards you need to succeed in the growing industrial and hazardous locations products market

CSA Group facilitates the development of standards for a wide range of machinery and tools for industrial locations. Many are harmonized with other standards development organizations to encourage increased adoption, consumer safety and sustainability around the world.


Compete globally with efficient, high-quality testing and certifications that increase industry confidence in your brand


Transform your innovations into quality products that meet critical requirements with our expert testing services.


Quickly launch new products, and boost customer confidence in North America and beyond with our global certification services

Marks & Labels

Get the marks you need to access and enter your target market in North America with confidence.

Value-Added Services

Save time and gain efficiencies with access to our customer portal, online products listings, and more.

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