The energy and power sector encompasses all of the industries involved in the production and delivery of energy – from fuel extraction and refining, to generation and distribution. Worldwide, energy plays a vital role in the infrastructure and maintenance of modern society. However, market demands for cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy have caused major industry stakeholders to re-evaluate their roles, strategies, and processes, while responding quickly to a changing market landscape.

Both customers and regulators have responded to this evolving market, with increased engagement and stricter requirements. And as a major stakeholder, producers for the energy industry must also respond and evolve – producing products that not only meet safety and regulatory requirements but reach global markets fast. 

CSA Group provides valuable expertise in testing & certification, product evaluation and standards-based solutions for energy and power manufacturers. Whether you produce alternative fuel technology, battery & energy storage, or solar and photovoltaic systems, our expertise can help you better navigate compliance requirements to relevant standards. Our global network of offices and laboratories provides local services, wherever you do business.

We provide services for both components and finished products, including those utilized in next-generation energy technologies:

  • Primary and secondary batteries
  • Smart grid
  • Solar and photovoltaic (PV) generation
  • Solar thermal heating systems
  • Fuel cell power systems
  • Hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG)
We partner with you to certify, test, and audit quality and safety –across industries and around the world.
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Safety of Stationary Grid-Connected Energy Storage Systems

We often take for granted the intricate mechanisms that are at work to ensure electricity is readily available to power our everyday lives.
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Supporting Hydrogen as a Viable Option For Clean Vehicle Fuel

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