Gain confidence knowing you have prepared your fuel cell power systems for new markets with rigorous testing

Did You Know?

  • Working against a goal of reducing emission of carbon dioxide by more than 80 percent by 2050, Europe—led by Germany and the UK—is one of the fastest growing regions in fuel cell technology.
  • Thanks to their ability to generate electricity using a variety of fuels, fuel cells are one of the fastest growing alternative power storage options. The global market is projected to expand at an estimated CAGR of 20.9 percent through 2025.

Fuel cell systems offer mobility, convenience, and a clean, efficient source of energy that make them in high demand all over the world. From homes and commercial facilities, to backup power supply for critical infrastructure like telecommunication systems and hospitals, the demand for fuel cell systems is increasing.

Performance expectations are high as well—when choosing the right system, buyers and operators look at many qualities: reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, affordability, and easy maintenance. Presenting your fuel cell system as the best option for them means meeting the unique compliance requirements of their local market.

CSA Group provides testing, certification, and standards solutions required to gain access to targeted global markets, and we do it with efficiency and expertise. Furthermore, the CSA Group mark means credibility and quality—when buyers see it, they’ll know that the fuel cell power system has been thoroughly tested for performance and safety.

Top reasons to trust CSA Group for your fuel cell power systems testing, inspection, and certification services:

  1. Convenience and efficiency: Our witnessed manufacturer testing for certification (WMTC) of fuel cell power systems can be performed at your facility, reducing certification time and costs
  2. Industry-leading expertise: CSA Group developed the first standard for fuel cells in 1998, establishing guidance in the design, construction, and operation of fuel cell systems
  3. Prompt personal service: Beyond being leading experts, we pride ourselves on our service—being timely, attentive, and available for you throughout the process
  4. Recognized quality: CSA Group certified fuel cells have been installed in a wide range of facilities, including banks, utilities, police departments, federal buildings, hospitals, and residences
  5. Extensive testing: We test for the safety and performance of fuel cells to these key standards: ANSI/CSA FC1 and ANSI/CSA FC3

Products Certified

Ensuring the quality, efficiency, and reliability of your fuel cell system through extensive testing and certification

CSA Group performs the testing and certification you’ll need to enter new markets, and to let buyers know that that your fuel cell system possesses the qualities they expect.

Stationary, portable, and micro fuel cell power systems

Let our technical experts come to you. Our witnessed manufacturer testing for certification (WMTC) can be performed at your facility, earning your power system a Certificate of Compliance.

Fuel cell modules

CSA Group understands the importance of thorough standards and testing—we created the first fuel cell testing standard in 1998. We still test fuel cell technology with expertise and quality.

Hydrogen generators

Having your hydrogen generator tested and certified by CSA Group can cut down the time, complexity, and installation costs to your customers, strengthening your competitive advantage.

Shop Standards

Get the right standards for your fuel cell power system to access global markets

At CSA Group, we have extensive experience in developing standards for fuel cell performance—in fact, we were the first in the industry in 1998. The key standards we test to key standards including ANSI/CSA FC1 and ANSI/CSA FC3.


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