Meet the demands and requirements of new markets for your vehicle power and fueling solutions

Did You Know?

  • A report by Infinium Global Research that the global alternative fuel vehicle market will grow with a CAGR of 13.2 percent between 2018 and 2024.
  • The report also states that the adoption of cleaner fuels and an increase in regulatory policies has made Asia Pacific the leading region in the alternative fuel vehicle market.

Companies and consumers across the world are looking for clean, energy-efficient vehicles that perform safely and reliably. The demand is high, but the compliance requirements for these markets are unique and strict. For your vehicle power and fueling solutions to gain market access, you’ll need the right testing and certification.

CSA Group provides comprehensive testing and certification solutions, delivered with our trademark blend of expertise, efficiency, and customer service. Let us prepare your vehicle solutions for North American and global markets.

Top reasons to trust CSA Group for testing and certification services of your vehicle power and fueling solutions:
  • Efficiency and expertise: Rely on years of automotive industry knowledge and understanding for testing services that get your product to market quickly
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories give us access to the latest equipment and techniques for fuel system, component, and hydraulic pressure testing
  • Customized testing: Validate the performance of your hydrogen/CNG vehicle systems under extreme service conditions, including severe penetration, crush, crash, and fire events
  • Credibility and wide acceptance: Our test reports are accepted by regulatory authorities such as U.S. DOT, Japan KHK, German KBA, and Luxembourg SNCH
  • Testing against key standards and regulations: The list of standards we test against includes ANSI/CSA HGV 4 series, UN GTR 13, ECE R134, ANSI/CSA NGV 1, ANSI/CSA NGV 2, and UN ECE R110

Products Certified

Ensure the quality and reliability of your vehicle power and fueling solutions with comprehensive component and system level testing

Take your products to new markets with the confidence of knowing that they’ve been tested and certified by leading, trusted experts in the industry.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Fueling Stations

Benefit from industry expertise and proprietary testing technology, such as our innovative mobile hydrogen dispenser testing apparatus (HDTA) and weights and measures device (WAM-D). These innovations replace OEM vehicle testing at each station for time and cost savings.

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Stations

Meet compliance requirements for CNG vehicle and fueling stations with our thorough testing services. We offer a full suite of standards, training, and personnel certification programs that support the CNG industry.

Electric Vehicle Charging Components

Expand your market effectively by using our testing and certification services for your charging components. We are able to test electrical vehicle components and batteries for certification in markets around the world and compliance with SCC and OSHA requirements.

Shop Standards

Get the right standards to prepare your vehicle power and fueling solutions to enter new markets

For decades, CSA Group has taken a forward-think approach to help to create standards across many industries. Purchase standards like the ANSI/CSA HGV 4 series on hydrogen fueling and various related components.


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