Meet the requirements of punishing conditions in global markets where photovoltaic (PV) solutions are in high demand

Did You Know?

  • Large centralized solutions built using smaller blocks (aka, modularity) demonstrates the ability to allow greater design flexibility and improved redundancy. 
  • The U.S. Department of Energy announced that the U.S. solar industry reached its 2020 utility-scale solar cost target of US $0.06/kWh three years ahead of schedule.  

The demand for cleaner, smarter energy—in the form of solar energy—is greater than ever in countries across the globe, with the US, China, and India leading the way. The global PV market itself has grown every year for over a decade, giving manufacturers the chance to play a critical role in promoting sustainable energy production and reducing carbon emissions, while enjoy substantial sales.

As part of our own commitment to supporting safe and efficient renewable energy, CSA Group provides customized testing services that examine the reliability, performance, and quality of your products under conditions that accurately simulate solar energy service—helping them meet the unique requirements of the application and markets you wish to enter.

State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities
Our PV and environmental testing facilities enable us to offer exceptional testing of the highest accuracy and quality. These facilities feature:

  • Advanced technology A+/A+/A+ grade solar flashers to precisely reproduce high-intensity light under controlled temperatures
  • Expertise with all PV technologies: c-Si, thin film, PERC, and bifacial
  • Environmental chambers to evaluate performance in controlled temperature and humidity conditions
  • Light-soaking and UV chambers to simulate extended sunlight exposure
  • IEC testing capabilities to help ensure conformity with international safety and performance standards
  • An expansive outdoor testing area to evaluate your PV modules on fixed racks and both single-axis and dual-axis trackers

CSA EXP450: Our Own Testing Protocol for the PV Sector
With input from many PV sector leaders and stakeholders, CSA Group developed a definitive best practice document for all PV testing protocols: CSA EXP450 Photovoltaic (PV) Module Testing Protocol for Quality Assurance Programs. C450 serves as the basis for testing programs at our state-of-the-art labs in both the U.S. and China.

Top reasons to trust CSA Group for your PV testing, inspection, and certification needs:

    • Cost savings: Our detailed testing services can streamline product development and optimization, for significant near- and long-term time and cost savings.
    • Industry leading expertise: Behind the CSA Group mark is decades of leadership and experience, which will assure customers that your product is exceptionally well-tested.
    • Fast, efficient service: CSA Group specializes in performing services in a way that combines efficiency and accuracy, getting your products to market fast.
    • Process simplification: CSA Group partners and collaborates with you, and we’re there to answer your questions at every step.
    • Extensive testing and capabilities: We expertly conduct outdoor/indoor testing, have significant measurement capabilities, and can perform extended accelerated aging and reliability tests, as well as quality and bankability testing.

Certification to ANSI, CSA and IEC standards:

    • PV Modules, ANSI/UL 1703, IEC 61730/61215, ANSI/UL 61730/61215, CSA 61730/61215
    • Racking, ANSI/UL 2703
    • Tracking, ANSI/UL 3703, IEC 62817, CSA 62817
    • Inverters, ANSI/UL 1741, UL/CSA 62109
    • CPV, IEC 62108, UL 62108

Module Performance Testing:

    • IEC 61853-1, PAN Files
    • IEC 61853-2, EQE, IAM, NMOT
    • CEC Testing
    • PID Testing
    • LID Testing
    • Bifacial Testing
    • Outdoor Yield Studies

Module Reliability Testing:

  • CSA EXP450

Products Certified

Conducting extensive testing—for quality, safety, and reliability—on the widest range of photovoltaic products

Our state-of-the-art labs and experienced technicians will ensure your PV products are tested, certified*, and ready for access to new markets.

PV Modules

Let CSA Group test and certify your PV modules in a way that combines our signature expertise, speed, and customer support.

PV Racking Systems

We test and certify PV racking and tracking systems—full or component certification—to comply with national and international standards, including ANSI/UL, CAN/CSA, and IEC.

Control Panels

The CSA Group mark communicates to customers all over the world that your control panels are efficient and high quality.

Tracking Device Equipment

Have your equipment tested and certified by people with unmatched levels of understanding and expertise in the PV sector.

Balance of System

Our state-of-the-art labs can gauge the reliability and quality of your Balance of System (BOS) equipment, including combiners, optimizers, controllers, and inverters.

Charge Controllers

Make sure that your charge controllers meet local market requirements through testing and certification from CSA Group’s PV industry experts.

PV Connectors

When your PV connectors earn their certification from CSA Group, you’ll know that they are efficient and effective.

Junction Boxes

Wherever your manufacturing is located, have your most important equipment, including junction boxes, tested and certified at one of our labs.

Arc Fault Detectors

We combine unmatched expertise and unrivaled efficiency to make sure your arc fault detectors meet local market requirements and pass reliability tests.

Rapid Shut-Down Devices

Reliability is crucial when it comes to these devices, and they have to be trusted by customers. Make sure your rapid shut-down device has the recognized CSA Group mark.

AC Modules/DC Optimizers

Prepare your modules and optimizers to gain access to rapidly growing PV markets in North America and throughout the world

Shop Standards

Ensure your PV products meet the unique standards for the market you wish to enter.

At CSA Group, we have extensive experience in developing standards for PV products across the globe.


Get your products tested, inspected, and certified for compliance and global market access.



Transform your innovations into quality products that meet critical safety requirements with our expert testing services.



Launch new products and boost customer confidence in North America and beyond with our global certification solutions.

Marks & Labels

Marks & Labels

Get the marks you need to access your target markets in North America with confidence.

Field Evaluation

Field Evaluation

Demonstrate your commitment to product safety even when certification is not a viable option with a one-time quick and efficient field evaluation.

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Save time and gain efficiencies with access to our customer portal, online products listings, and more.

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