Safety of Stationary Grid Connected Energy Storage Systems, Whitepaper Cover

Essential Guide to Safety Evaluation in the U.S. and Canada

We often take for granted the intricate mechanisms that are at work to ensure electricity is readily available to power our everyday lives. The evolving global landscape for electrical distribution and use has created a need for energy storage systems (ESS), making them among the fastest growing electrical power system products. ESS technology continues to evolve rapidly, creating new opportunities to increase the resiliency and affordability of vital energy supplies. As with any complex electrical system component, safety remains the foremost priority in ESS design, installation, inspection, and ongoing operation. Thorough understanding of system safety requirements among all parties involved in ESS projects will help to either eliminate or minimize risks to an acceptable level, helping to protect people, equipment, and infrastructure.

In the whitepaper we discuss:

  • Who is Responsible for Safety
  • Potential ESS Safety Issues
  • ESS Safety Process
  • Key Standards and Safety Requirements
  • Project Stakeholder Interaction