About CSA Group

Every day, CSA Group works with businesses, organizations and code authorities all around the world to help create a safer, more sustainable world for people and for business. From testing & certifying your products today for safety & performance requirements, to developing leading-edge, consensus-based standards to support tomorrow’s technology, we develop solutions that strive to promote safety to industry and society.

Manufacturers, retailers, business, academia, consumers and government organizations alike rely on our worldwide network to assist in their pursuit of innovative solutions for their evolving safety, reliability and sustainability needs.

We can help you achieve your goals, access global markets, create safer, more sustainable environments for work, home & play, and demonstrate your commitment to a better, safer world.

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CSA Group delivers confidence and peace-of-mind to manufacturers, retailers, code authorities and consumers around the world – find out how.

Our members play an essential role in developing standards that help influence safety, product performance and the environment.

CSA Group professionals are focused on delivering real-world solutions to your challenges, harnessing the extensive experience of our global network of members.

Our marks demonstrate to retailers, regulators and consumers that your products have been tested and meet applicable safety & performance standards.

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