Covers of popular standards and mobile devices.

Solutions that contribute to safer homes, workplaces & public spaces, sustainability and the environment.

A female engineer tests a product in a laboratory.

Global solutions that help you gain access to North American and international markets.

Engineers reviewing schematics.

Optimize your supply chain, maintain end-to-
end quality oversight and drive a competitive advantage.

An assembly line of a manufacturing plant.

Let CSA Group provide you a wide range of certification, evaluation and verification services for the products you manufacture and sell around the world.

A diverse group of smiling professionals.

Our members contribute time and expertise to our standards development process. Find out how you can help make standards work for people and business.

A team of engineers and business people work on a project on site.

We work closely with regulatory authorities and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) to help protect our workplaces and communities.

A bar code has a red line of light across it indicating that it is being scanned.

Let CSA Group provide you with the product evaluation services you need to make informed decisions on a wide range of hardline products.

Laptop computers on display in a store.

Find out about CSA marks, CSA Group certified products, why standards matter, or submit an incident report .


CSA Group Corporate Video (short version)

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