Michael Becker

Michael Becker

Technical Specialist – Energy Storage / Energy & Power

CSA Group is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and our people are integral to making this happen. Beyond hiring world-class technical experts, hiring team members who truly understand the needs of our customers is a priority for all of our business units. From customer to technical specialist, Michael Becker is as passionate about batteries as he is about offering our customers a smooth and enjoyable testing and certification experience.

  1. Describe your CSA Group career journey.

    I started at CSA Group about in early 2022. Before joining CSA Group, I worked at a few companies specializing in batteries, electronics, and engineering and was heavily involved in compliance. Coincidentally, all the companies I worked for are CSA Group customers, meaning that when I joined, I already knew a few of the people in my group. I’ve always been interested in a career in certification and love batteries so, when I was offered this role, it was something I couldn’t pass up.

  2. What is a typical day at work like for you?

    The awesome thing about working at CSA Group is that my day is never the same or typical. One of my primary responsibilities is helping provide our energy storage (ES) customers with certification solutions that meet their needs. I support our ES sales team with inquiries, answering technical questions, and working with our operations group to help provide the best customer service. I’m also involved with strategic initiatives to help grow our ES capabilities, including our new state-of-the-art battery energy storage and distributed generation lab in Cleveland, Ohio. I also assist our marketing team with compiling relevant materials that will help increase interest in our ES offerings and help educate them on new and updated standards and codes.

  3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your role at CSA Group?

    Having been on the customer side of certification, I especially appreciate how critical certification can be to a product launch. In my past role, certification was sometimes a painful process that resulted in delays and confusion. The most rewarding aspect of my role at CSA Group is that I now have the power to help ensure that every customer experience is as seamless and efficient as possible. I find it so satisfying to provide prompt replies to our customers on technical questions and give them valuable guidance for their certification project. It’s so rewarding to work with our sales, technical, and operations teams to develop solutions for customers, and even more rewarding to help customers navigate tricky situations. I’m thrilled to be supporting the growth of our ES business and I look forward to seeing it thrive in the coming months and years.

  4. If you could describe working at CSA Group in one word, what would it be? Why?

    Innovative. I know it might be strange to associate innovation with a company that provides services instead of products. However, I’m amazed at the level of innovation that CSA Group is willing to explore to improve our offerings and provide customers with the solutions that they need. This is especially important for ES, which is an incredibly fast-moving industry. Whenever I bring up suggestions for possible improvements or expansion in capability, I’m never met with skepticism or barriers. My CSA Group colleagues are open to exploring new ways of doing things, improving our existing services, or even adding new offerings. I think this makes us unique.

  5. Why is CSA Group a great place to work?

    The world of work is changing so rapidly. I often read articles about what people now expect from their employers and workplaces. Whenever I read those articles, I always appreciate that CSA Group meets those expectations. The benefits offered by CSA Group are the best I’ve ever had. The work I’m doing every day is challenging and rewarding. I’m able to be a key contributor on a team and in an industry that I’m passionate about. I’m encouraged and supported with my professional development and desire to continue to grow. CSA Group allows me to have a balanced work-life where I can give my best to my position, but still have time for my family and other hobbies.

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