Building a World Class Team Starts with You

At the heart of CSA Group is a vision: making the world a better, safer, more sustainable place. It’s been part of our mission for nearly one hundred years: from the first engineering standard for railway bridges developed in 1919, to more than 3,500 standards, codes & related products today. Headquartered in Canada, with a global footprint of more than 30 labs and offices across Europe, Asia and North America, CSA Group tests, inspects and certifies a wide range of products — from every day household items to leading edge technology — to meet exacting requirements for safety, performance and environmental impact. Our employees take pride in making a difference in people’s lives through the work that we do. We’re looking for people like you to help make it happen.
Employee Benefits at CSA Group


CSA Group is a values-driven organization. Our values guide our growth, the decisions we make, and the initiatives we take. We embrace and promote an inclusive, diverse work culture that’s built on a foundation of mutual respect, integrity and teamwork. Our commitment to our values is helping us build a world-class organization that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent. Safety and sustainability remain at the core of everything we do. The efforts of our employees contribute to safer workplaces, more accessible public spaces and better awareness of our collective impact on the environment. It’s work that matters, and you could be part of it.


Our highly-trained professionals help shape the future as they advance real-world technology, by applying their technical knowledge and vast experience to standards development, industry-leading laboratory testing, inspections and certification. Our trusted CSA certification marks appear on more than a billion products worldwide and are the culmination of the talents and strengths of our people around the world. Our technical experts work in a fast paced, dynamic environment where they have the opportunity to collaborate across technical disciplines to help ensure safety & sustainability, and to contribute to social good. Your considerable talents will be put to excellent use here.


CSA Group offers great opportunities for our employees to develop and grow. We value “continuous learning”, and it’s how we support our employees in reaching their full potential – both as individuals and as members of our team.  When our people thrive, our customers benefit and our business succeeds. Special project teams and stretch assignments supplement a range of learning and development opportunities that includes: in-house training; tuition and accreditation support; mentoring and coaching; and comprehensive leadership programs. Formalized succession planning can provide you with a variety of career choices and defined career paths that support your personal goals and development. We also provide access to special interest networks and forums across the globe to increase your network of contacts.


We make every effort to attract, motivate and retain the best talent in order to achieve our business objectives. We strive to provide a balanced work life for our employees while promoting health and wellness. CSA Group provides a wide range of competitive benefits. We also offer employees the chance to build their financial security through generous and competitive compensation, healthcare and pension plans, tuition reimbursement, paid time off and much, much more. Special incentives and bonus plans help recognize and celebrate the performance and accomplishments of both our employees and the organization. And, we promote flexible work schedules that allow employees to manage their personal responsibilities while still meeting the organization’s business goals.

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