Manisha Mistry

Manisha Mistry

Senior Director, Health, Safety, Security & Environment and Change Management

CSA Group’s commitment to safety and sustainability is intrinsic to the organization’s corporate culture and is best illustrated by our health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) mandate. Having joined CSA Group 20 years ago, Manisha Mistry has been instrumental in building a global HSSE program that has expanded and evolved to reflect the shifting priorities of our employees and customers.

  1. Describe your CSA Group career journey.

    Following my third year of studying Occupational Health and Safety at Ryerson University in Toronto, I took a summer position with CSA Group. I think it is safe to say that this position left an impression because I eagerly accepted a full-time position, the organization’s first-ever dedicated health and safety role, when I graduated.

    My role was originally focused on health and safety for the Toronto location. Over time, my responsibilities increased and I began overseeing health and safety for locations around the world (14 countries), and eventually our Environmental and Change Management programs. I now oversee a team of five exceptional colleagues who help me promote and steward CSA Group’s HSSE and Change Management programs.

    Above and beyond my day-to-day role, my career at CSA Group has afforded me endless opportunities for continuous learning and development. Over my 20 year career, I have had the chance to work across multiple areas including: Talent Management, Ethics & Compliance and most recently, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  2. What is a typical day at work like for you?

    My typical day begins with a quick review of my inbox. Since two of my team members are based in different time zones than me, I like to address their emails and speak with them first. My day is typically packed with meetings, so to make sure they’re meaningful and productive, I approach each with the intention of moving forward at least one action item or deliverable. If I am running a meeting, I prefer a ‘working session’ approach so that we can get as much done around the table as possible. Throughout the day, I connect with members of my direct team and colleagues supporting cross-functional deliverables.

  3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your role at CSA Group?

    Teamwork. I am lucky to work with a ‘dream-team’ that comes together daily to strategize, collaborate and execute key deliverables. The success of this team has been instrumental in building a strong HSSE global culture at CSA Group.

  4. If you could describe working at CSA Group in one word, what would it be? Why?

    Rewarding. CSA Group’s focus on safety, social good and sustainability, coupled with the fact that my role directly contributes to a safer and inclusive environment for employees, is so fulfilling.

  5. Why is CSA Group a great place to work?

    The people! Each day, I have the pleasure of working with colleagues from different backgrounds, levels and areas of expertise. This diversity of thought is a competitive advantage as it spurs creative problem solving, innovative thinking and a dynamic workplace culture.

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