CSA Group certifications enable businesses to break into new markets, launch innovative products, and boost customer confidence through the trusted CSA mark. In a rapidly changing world, our certifications and standards continue to evolve to ensure you maintain the confidence of your customers and stakeholders.

Benefits of Certification

Certification is critical to the success of new products. It opens new markets and helps you reach new customers. Certification also enables you to demonstrate that your products and processes comply with safety and quality standards – and consumers’ expectations. When a product earns a CSA mark, consumers notice. In North America, 69% of surveyed consumers have said they are more likely to purchase certain products that bear the CSA mark. In a challenging and highly competitive global marketplace, evolving with the demands of both customers and government agencies is more important than ever. A CSA Group certification not only demonstrates your company’s focus on quality and safety, it creates better opportunities for your business to thrive. We take safety and quality seriously, but we also understand the complexities of bringing a product to market. That’s why CSA Group focuses on helping clients meet their organizational goals through:

  • A strategic alliance designed to support business advancement
  • Technical experts informed on leading-edge products and emerging technologies
  • Global certification capabilities in the US, Canada, and 12 other countries
  • Enhanced service delivery for faster certification turnaround
  • Personalized support from a dedicated, industry-educated account manager
  • Vigorous protection of the CSA mark through aggressive anti-counterfeiting measures

Certification Types

  1. Model certification: Your product samples are tested at our facilities for safety and performance. If the product meets the applicable standard, a certificate of compliance is issued, and the CSA mark can be displayed.
  2. Witnessed manufacturer’s testing for certification: Product testing is performed at your facility under the observation of a CSA Group technical expert who documents the results. If our requirements are met, a certificate of compliance is issued along with CSA mark approval.
  3. Supervised manufacturer’s testing for certification (SMTC): Product testing and certification reports are provided to CSA Group experts by the manufacturer. Through data validation and spot-checks, results are confirmed prior to issuing a certificate of compliance. Before qualifying for SMTC, your testing facility and proposed testing process need to be audited.
  4. Category program for certification (CPC): This option allows you to conduct your own testing in a product category, once you’ve received a certificate of qualification. Product testing and validation is performed at your facility, then evaluated by CSA Group experts, who issue a certificate of standards compliance to market-ready products.
  5. Field Certification Program: Our field certification service is intended as a means of “one-time” certification of product to Canadian or U.S. requirements, for a specific number of units and is not meant to be an alternative to regular certification. This service may also be used where a CSA certified product has been shipped without the CSA mark or has been field modified and needs to be labeled. Tests are carried out by CSA Group to the applicable standard and a certificate of compliance is issued for products that meet the requirements (depending on your location, certain regional requirements may also apply). Gas-fired products will receive the CSA Star label and/or CSA Flame label. Electrical and plumbing products will receive the applicable CSA label.

Why Certify With CSA?

CSA Group has nearly a century of experience in developing standards and certifying products for businesses of every size. Currently, the CSA mark is found on billions of products used by consumers and businesses around the world, with new products being added every day. We offer certifications for the markets across North America and around the world. CSA Group works directly with clients to develop a process designed to simplify certification and speed time to market. CSA Group is accredited or recognized by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the American National Standards Institute, and the Standards Council of Canada. The CSA certification gives organizations confidence that their products, and their business, are future-ready.