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Duration: 60 Minutes

Language: English

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When a potential breach to an industrial control system (ICS) could impact information, systems, and physical safety, a comprehensive defense strategy that pairs cybersecurity and functional safety is needed.

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, has given way to “smart” production models that help achieve efficiencies and boost performance, but connecting assets through networks comes with significant risks. Many ICS cyber-attacks in recent years have sought to violate the availability of these systems, disrupting normal industrial functions and operations – and causing severe damage in the process. Understanding and implementing best practices in ICS security can help you mitigate these risks and reap the benefits of connected technologies.

Join CSA Group’s Matt Jakuc, Manager of Cybersecurity and Peter Brown, Technical Advisor of Functional Safety as they provide an overview of:

  • Important cybersecurity and functional safety concepts & standards
  • Considerations for both IT and OT systems
  • Common cyber threats to ICS and safety-related systems
  • Best practices in ICS security
  • Testing procedures at independent laboratories

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