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Archimax Design, Inc.
#105- 7 Burbidge Street
British Columbia
V3K 7B2

Certification of Prefabricated Homes under the CSA - A277 Program in compliance with Part 9 of the 2018 BC Building Code. This certification service applies to the construction of detached, semi-detached and row houses, together with their ancillary private storage garages, provided such houses:

  1. have no shared egress facilities;
  2. have no dwelling unit above or below them;
  3. have no shared service spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, service shafts or service rooms;
  4. are self-contained with respect to heating and ventilation; and
  5. have a building area not greater than 600 m2, and building height of not more than one storey.


  1. This certification service does not include day care facilities, commercial/industrial units, apartment buildings, hotels, motels or detention occupancy buildings.
  2. This certification service does not include panelized homes or buildings.
  3. Interconnection of modules, completion of structural systems and connection to services must be finished on site as specified in the electrical and building permits and are subject to inspection by the local authorities having jurisdiction.
  4. When welded steel structures form part of the structures of these buildings; the manufacturer will be required to obtain certification from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to the requirements of CSA W47.1 standard.

Homes are:      Single family dwellings comprised of single or multiple modules in single storey configurations.
Structural:       Modified steel shipping container framing.
Electrical Rating:        120/240 V ac, 60 Hz, 200A max.
Heating/Ventilation:  Heating system may be Electric. Systems may be equipped with Air Conditioning.
Fuel Used:      Gas installation was not evaluated as part of the CSA certification.  If Gas is to be added in the future, the manufacturer shall contact CSA to evaluate and authorize Gas Systems.
Plumbing:       Conventional Drainage and Vent Systems to a Maximum of 240 Hydraulic Fixture Units.

- CSA Label Material #1001997 for Prefabricated Homes.
- Applicable Provincial Insignia(s)