Computers and Workstations


Compete in a fast-moving, global market with high-quality testing and certification from CSA Group


  • CSA Group has nearly 2,000 team members around the world.
  • Our technical expertise and investment in research and innovation have helped us build public trust for more than 100 years.

Our technical expertise in testing and certifying computers and workstations against national and international standards gives you the confidence you need to efficiently bring new and updated products to market. We are known and regarded globally for our knowledge in the industry, including:

  • Testing a broad spectrum of products, including desktop computers, notebooks, laptops, commercials printers, displays, tablets, and more
  • Expertise with key standards for the industry, including the hazard-based standard, IEC 62368 as well as CAN/UL 60065 and CAN/UL 60950
  • Offering a broad range of services including cybersecurity, functional safety evaluations, electromagnetic compatibility testing, and more
No matter where you manufacture or sell your products, CSA Group has a dedicated team near you.

We are recognized worldwide as a leading testing and certification provider for computers and workstations with state- of-the-art facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. When you work with CSA Group, you can count on:

  • Our commitment to you: Our team is committed to rapid and dependable service and training to help guide you through the testing and certification process
  •  Streamlined services: We are a single global source for all your product testing needs; our full suite of related services can help you access markets efficiently
  • Certification for global markets: We certify products in accordance with many international standards through our recognitions and global services such as the IECEE-CB Scheme, Conformité Européene (CE) Marking, Energy Efficiency Verification (EEV) and Energy Star certifications
  • Accreditations by respected bodies worldwide: We are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Energy (DOE), National Resources Canada (NRCan), and others

Products Certified

Team up with experts that make certifications simple

We offer expert services and custom solutions that help speed your product to market while ensuring compliance.

Desktop Computers and Workstations

CSA Group can help test, inspect, and certify your desktop computers and workstations, helping you access this growing, but highly-competitive market.

Notebook and Tablet Computers

Access new customers in this competitive sector of the personal computing market with our globally-recognized testing & certification services.

Commercial Printers

Depend on our specialized expertise with commercial printers, designed to help ensure the compliance and safety of products for employees and other consumers.

Consumer Printers

Get the marks you need to access your target markets by working with our technical experts and superior customer service staff.

Computer Displays and Monitors

Boost customer confidence in your computer monitors and displays with a trusted CSA Group mark.

Power Supply for Computers and Workstations

Our certification process helps ensure your compliance with safety requirements and our recognized mark helps boosts consumer confidence in your power supply products.

Shop Standards

Access all the standards you need to compete in a fast-moving marketplace

CSA Group has been improving safety, quality, and sustainability through the development of high-quality standards for more than 100 years. Access the standards you need to help develop safe products for market.


Trust our high-quality testing and certification services to help you meet your business goals



Transform your innovations into quality products that meet critical safety requirements with our expert testing services.



Launch new products and boost customer confidence in North America and beyond with our global certification solutions.

Marks & Labels

Marks & Labels

Get the marks you need to access and enter your target markets in North America with confidence.

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Save time and gain efficiencies with access to our customer portal, online product listings, and more.

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