Meeting the Requirements of the New IEC 62368-1 Standard

The new global safety standard for consumer electronics apparatus, information and communications technology equipment is IEC 62368-1. For product engineers, adoption of IEC 62368-1 means applying a hazard-based approach to designing safety into products rather than identifying and addressing safety hazards after the fact. Hazard-based engineering enables risks to be better controlled rather than passively avoided, potentially resulting in simpler product designs. This new approach gives compliance engineers the flexibility to tailor safety solutions based on the actual types and levels of hazards associated with the use of your product. Compliance to this new standard is set for June 19, 2019.

In this whitepaper we explore:

  • How IEC 62368-1 will benefit you
  • Hazard-based design process
  • Six steps to successful implementation
  • Simpler and more cost-efficient designs