CSA Group is a world leader in fuel cell power systems standards development and certification of stationary, portable, and micro fuel cell power systems, fuel cell modules, and hydrogen generators. Fuel cells provide a clean and efficient source of energy that are used today to power a range of applications - from homes and commercial facilities like data centers, to back up power supply for critical infrastructure like telecommunication systems and hospitals.

Having developed the first standard for fuel cells in 1998, CSA Group understands the critical role that standards play in the development and application of fuel cell technologies – standards such as ANSI/CSA FC 1 for safety of stationary fuel cell power systems. Standards provide valuable guidance in the design, construction, and operation of fuel cell systems.

A manufacturer’s ability to deliver innovative fuel cell solutions to customers today is enhanced by product certification expertise. Certifications can reduce the time, complexity, and installation costs to your customers, helping to strengthen your competitive advantage.

Our witnessed manufacturer testing for certification (WMTC) of fuel cell power systems can be performed at the manufacturer’s facility, and could help to reduce certification time and costs. A CSA Group technical expert will document the testing and evaluation results and where products are found to be compliant will issue a Certificate of Compliance, authorizing the use of the CSA mark. CSA certified fuel cells have been installed in banks, utilities, police departments, federal buildings, hospitals, residences, and telecommunication applications.