CSA Group has decades of experience in developing standards to help reduce society’s impact on the environment, manage and protect our planet’s natural resources, and help businesses around the world achieve their operational, risk management, social responsibility and sustainability goals.

Business Excellence

On behalf of Standards Council of Canada (SCC), we manage the global administrative, record-keeping and correspondence requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which are among the most widely-used management system standards in the world, while our Canadian mirror committees vet these international standards to address market-specific requirements in Canada. We also develop standards & guidelines that support risk management, corporate & social responsibility, whistleblowing and process safety management.

Environment & Climate Change

Our Environment and Climate Change (E&CC) Program is responsible for a range of standards projects related to environmental management. We work with global standards development organizations like ISO to develop standards that address important environmental issues. We have contributed to the development of international documents such as ISO 14064-1, which provides guidance on storage and measurement of greenhouse gases. Our reputation and participation in international standards development activities, such as ISO/TC207 and ISO/TC176, enhances our ability to provide comprehensive solutions that help create a better, more sustainable world.

Natural Resources

We also have a well-established reputation for developing and maintaining standards that deal with the management of natural resources in Canada and at the international level. These standards address sustainable forestry management, mining, oil and gas, carbon capture utilization and storage, and water resource issues.

Validating and Showcasing Environmental Claims

Stakeholders all along the supply chain are increasingly looking for clarity in the environmental impact of the products they purchase or specify. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for business. CSA Group knows the importance of transparently validating environmental performance claims. Our independent, impartial and transparent registry listings and services recognize organizations that have committed to managing, measuring and reporting on a range of environmental initiatives. The CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program showcases qualified organizations, commercial buildings and building tenants that have measured and verified their carbon footprint, and have offset all reported GHG emissions in accordance with established international standards. As an ISO 14025 compliant Program Operator, we develop Product Category Rules (PCRs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that help organizations demonstrate their efforts in reducing the environmental impact of their products, as well as showcasing these efforts through our EPD registry platform.

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