projected increase

of annual mean precipitation by the late 21st century[1]


the average cost

of house repairs after a basement flood[2]


increase in anxiety,

post-traumatic stress, and mood disorder among people affected by floods[2]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources CSA Group and its volunteer members developed to provide you with information, guidance, best practices, and requirements and help you build more resilient communities, reduce risks of floods, and protect the lives and property of residents.

Research report

Managing Flooding and Erosion at the Watershed Scale: Guidance to Support Governments Using Nature-Based Solutions

Research Report

Future Innovation for Stormwater Management

Research Report

Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal and Riverine Flood and Erosion Risk Management

Research Report

Turbidity Monitoring: Addressing Gaps for Erosion and Sediment Control in Canada


Helping Municipalities Mitigate Flood Risks and Protect their Communities

CSA W200-18

Design of bioretention systems

CSA W201-18

Construction of bioretention systems


Erosion and sediment control inspection and monitoring

CSA W203:19

Planning, design, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment in northern communities using lagoon and wetland systems

CSA W204:19

Flood resilient design of new residential communities

CSA W205:19

Erosion and sediment management for northern community infrastructure

CSA W208:20

Erosion and sediment control installation and maintenance

CSA W210:21

Prioritization of flood risk in existing communities

CSA W211:21

Management standard for stormwater systems

CSA PLUS 4013:19

Technical guide: Development, interpretation and use of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) information: guideline for Canadian water resources practitioners

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