In today’s rapidly changing business environment, keeping on top of the latest research and methods is crucial to
maintaining a competitive edge. Staying informed, and often ahead, of these trends helps CSA Group to continually
offer industry-leading standards-based solutions, and testing and certification services.

Research initiatives

CSA Group dedicates considerable effort to conducting and supporting research in emerging
 to stay on top of new technologies and changes within established manufacturing sectors. Conducting
regular research enables the organization to make sure it is constantly adapting and evolving to meet its clients’
long-term needs and, as a result, helping businesses stay ahead of competition, as well as increase profitability.

CSA Group’s research initiatives are designed to support the development of future standards solutions, provide
interim guidance to industries on the development and adoption of new technologies, and to demonstrate its on-going
commitment to providing social good. The CSA Group Research Program focuses on two kinds of projects:

  • Topics, trends and challenges that may affect or transform specific interest groups or society at large to
    explore the potential for new standards-based solutions in these areas; and
  • Specific valuable information and insight on a particular subject that can be provided to technical committees
    to strengthen and expedite the standards development process.

Industry expertise

CSA Group is one the largest standards development organizations (SDO) in Canada, with the widest subject area
recognition. The organization also works with other SDOs around the world to contribute to international and
harmonized standards activities. CSA Group’s library of more than 3,000 standards and codes addresses subjects that
affect the interests of industry, consumers, regulators and the public at large.

Its standards development follows a well-defined and highly controlled method. The company relies on technical
committees made up of industry professionals, academics, regulators, consumer representatives, and those who have
demonstrated relevant expertise and credentials, such as engineers and manufacturers’ associations. Many of these
committees are focused on emerging and disruptive technology, which in turn gives CSA Group’s testing and
certification clients a competitive edge.

Article Source: Frasers – Canada’s industrial search engine