Industry trends emerge and evolve alongside the changing needs of the world around us, helping to define the future successes of your business. At CSA Group, staying informed, and often ahead, of these trends helps us to continually offer industry-leading standards based solutions and testing & certification services. That’s why we dedicate considerable effort to conducting and supporting research in new and emerging areas of interest that have the potential to impact important facets of our business, our lives, and indeed our world.

We are exploring today’s developments to help drive tomorrow’s success.

Our research programs are designed to support the development of future standards solutions, provide interim guidance to industries on the development and adoption of new technologies, and to demonstrate our on-going commitment to providing social good. The CSA Group Research Program focuses on two kinds of projects:

  • Topics, trends and challenges that may affect or transform specific interest groups or society at large and explore the potential for new standards-based solutions in these areas.
  • Specific valuable information and insight on a particular subject that can be provided to our technical committees in order to strengthen and expedite the standards development process.

Newly-released research reports will be first posted here; check back regularly to access our latest publications as they become available.

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