Accessibility Policy Statement


(1.1) CSA Group strives to be a workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected. This policy aims to ensure that people with disabilities are provided equal opportunity to obtain, use and benefit from CSA Group’s goods and services.

(2.0) SCOPE

(2.1) This policy applies to all CSA Employees and facilities globally.


(3.1) The EVP, Chief Legal, Ethics & Compliance Officer will be responsible for the review of this policy statement.

(4.0) CSA Group Priorities and Commitments

Customer Service

(4.1) In accordance with Customer Service Standard, CSA Group will develop, implement and maintain policies governing the provision of goods, services or facilities to persons with disabilities.

(4.2) CSA Group personnel will be trained on how to provide an accessible customer service to people with disabilities to ensure CSA Group’s goods and services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

(4.3) All individuals providing services on behalf of CSA Group in Ontario will be asked to complete the training before rendering services to Ontarians.

(4.4) CSA Group will keep record of all the trainings.

Information and Communication Support

(4.5) Upon request, CSA Group will provide accessible formats and communication support for
persons with disabilities in a timely manner and will consult with the person making the request to
determine the suitability of the accessible format or communication support.

(4.6) When preparing emergency procedures, plans or public safety information, the information
will be available to the public and, upon request, will be provided in an accessible format, as soon
as practicable.

(4.7) CSA Group will ensure all its websites and web contents are compliant with WCAG 2.0, Level
AA by January 2021 except for success criteria 1.2.4 Captions (live) and success criteria 1.2.5
Audio Descriptions (pre-recorded).

Employment Practices

(4.8) CSA Group will provide notice on every job application and for every successful applicant on the availability of accommodation. And, when requested, an individualized accommodation suitable to the applicant’s disability will be provided.

(4.9) For information that is needed for an Employee with a disability to perform their job and any information generally available to Employees in the workplace, CSA Group will provide accessible formats and communication supports, upon request.

(4.10) CSA Group will provide Employees with disabilities with individualized workplace emergency plans, review and update these plans when CSA Group review its general emergency response policies, when an Employee’s overall accommodations are reviewed or when an Employee moves to a different location within the organization.

(4.11) For Employees who will be absent from work due to a disability and require disability-related accommodations in order to return to work, CSA Group will develop and have in place a return to work process for said Employees and keep record of the process.

(4.12) CSA Group will take into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities, as well as individual accommodation plans, when using CSA Group’s performance management process or when providing career development.

(4.13) CSA Group will take into account the accessibility needs of its employees with disabilities, as well as their individual accommodation plans, when reassigning employees with disabilities to other departments within CSA Group.

Design of Public Spaces

(4.14) CSA Group will meet the requirements under the Design of Public Spaces Standard, when newly constructing or redeveloping the publics spaces of its facilities in Ontario.


(4.15) In the event of a planned service disruption to facilities, services or systems that are relied upon by people with disabilities to access CSA Group’s goods or services, notice of the disruption shall be provided in advance.

(4.16) CSA Group will create and maintain a feedback process so that members of the public are able to comment on the provisions of goods and services to people with disabilities. The feedback process specifies the actions that will be taken by CSA Group if complaints or suggestions are received.

(5.0) Relevant or Reference Documents