Customer Class File Number
Birk Manufacturing
14 Capitol Dr
East Lyme
United States
HEATERS - Miscellaneous
  • Silicon Rubber Insulated Heaters, Model HT38KN001, 120V, 60W, Model CT-4001, 120V, 64W; Model CT-1202, 120V, 180W, Model 2302062, 240V, 1700W; Model 2302065, 240V, 2240W, Model 1131, 240V, 1690W, Model 1160, 120V, 220W, Model 1161, 120V, 100W, Models SR, SRX, KA, 120V, 15W per sq in or 240V, 1.1W per sq in max or 600V, 10W per sq in.


  1. Model designation may be provided with prefix or suffix WH.
  2. Models KA, SR and SRX may be followed by suffix numbers and also provided with prefix or suffix WH.
  3. Models with the Type R/Flex 1000, copper clad polymide film, the heater shell not exceed 105?C.
  4. The above heaters are Certified as components for use in equipment where the acceptability of the combinations is determined by the Canadian Standards Association.