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Did You Know?

  • High demand for electrification of homes, increased investment in power distribution, and growth in the household sector in developing countries have all driven huge growth for the power cable segment.
  • Wind turbines and solar systems require significant amounts of wire and cable that must perform under challenging weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

From building, machine, and appliance wires to fiber optic cables, quality and reliability are crucial in every wire and cable application. Customers have to know that the products they buy and use have been thoroughly tested. But before your products can even reach your target customer, they have to meet the compliance requirements of that market. CSA Group offers testing and certification services that help you gain access to your target market, throughout North America and across the globe. Furthermore, when buyers see the CSA Group mark on your wires and cables, they’ll know that you ensured thorough testing for performance. Our mark is widely recognized and accepted by safety inspectors, code officials and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), safety experts and workplace committees, leading product manufacturers, and major product distributors and retailers.

Top reasons to trust CSA Group for your wire and cable testing, inspection, and certification services:

  • Commitment to convenience: Wherever you manufacture or sell your products, our technical experts are there—throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, we come to you
  • Knowledge and experience: CSA Group has developed wire and cable standards for years, and it comes through in the way we conduct testing and certification
  • Process simplification: We want our customers to understand the process of meeting local market requirements, so we’re committed explaining each step
  • Fast, responsive service: CSA Group understands the importance of gaining access to target markets in the fastest manner possible—that’s why efficiency is built into our response, testing, and certification process
  • Extensive testing: The key standards we test against include Harmonized UL/CSA standards for North America, CB Scheme, and IEC

Our testing, certification, and standards solutions include:

  • Appliance wiring (AWM)
  • Armoured cable (AC90, ACG90, ACWU90, ACGWU90)
  • Building wire (NMD90, NMWU)
  • Communication cables (CMP, CMR, CMG, CM and CMX coaxial cables)
  • Equipment and lead wire (TEW, TEWN, SEW, CL.)
  • Flexible cords (SJTOW, SJOW, STOW, SOW, etc.)
  • (Machine tool wire (MTW)
  • Optical fiber cables (OFN, OFNH, OFNG, OFNR, etc.)
  • Thermoplastic wires and cables (T90, TWN75, TWU, etc.)Thermoset wires and cables (RW90, RWU, SIS, etc.)

Products Certified

Testing, certifying and putting a mark recognized for quality on your wire and cable products – all over the world

Whatever kind of wire or cable you produce and wherever you manufacture it, CSA Group can test it in a way that’s thorough and efficient, and delivers the absolute highest quality.

Appliance wiring

Make sure buyers know your appliance wiring has been rigorously tested for safety, reliability, and performance—the CSA mark stands for quality across the world.

Armored cable

Have your armored cable tested and certified by industry-leading experts who go out of their way to serve you better and meet your business needs.

Communications cable

Being tested and certified by CSA Group will tell buyers that your cable meets high performance and quality standards for their communications project.

Optical fiber cables

For cables as in-demand as optical fiber cables, being first to a market matters—and CSA Group performs testing and certification in a way that gets you there fast.

Thermoplastic and thermoset wires and cables

Have your thermoplastic and thermoset wires and cables tested and certified with CSA Group’s trademark blend of extensive expertise, efficiency, accessibility, and responsiveness.

Photovoltaic cable

As renewable energy markets grow, photovoltaic solutions become more and more in-demand. Gain access to more markets across the globe with a mark universally recognized for quality.

Shop Standards

Explore standards for a wide range of industries

Standards offer enormous quality, safety, and sustainability benefits. No matter where you manufacture or sell your products, standards play a critical role.


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