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Title Country Date
Mexico Quality Infrastructure Law Mexico Jul 2020
Malaysia (SIRIM /MCMC) – One Year Interim Acceptance for IPV6 Requirements For Cellular Malaysia Jul 2020
Rwanda (RURA) – New Decisions on Type Approval Rwanda Jul 2020
Zimbabwe – Covid-19 Update Zimbabwe Jul 2020
Vietnam (MIC) – Covid-19 Update Venezuela Jul 2020
Venezuela – Covid-19 Update Venezuela Jul 2020
Ukraine – Covid-19 Update Ukraine Jul 2020
Uganda – Covid-19 Update Uganda Jul 2020
Turks & Caicos (TCI) – Covid-19 Update Turks & Caicos Jul 2020
Turkmenistan – Covid-19 Update Turkmenistan Jul 2020
Turkey (BTK) – Covid-19 Update Turkey Jul 2020
Trinidad & Tobago (TATT) – Covid-19 Update Trinidad and Tobago Jul 2020
Thailand – Covid-19 Update Thailand Jul 2020
St. Vincent & Grenadines – Covid-19 Update St. Vincent & Grenadines Jul 2020
St. Lucia (NTRC) – Covid-19 Update St. Lucia Jul 2020
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