CSA Group’s testing services help businesses transform brilliant innovations into reliable products and processes. With our signature combination of independence, rigour, responsive service, and world-class technical expertise, we help you understand the performance of your products and bring them to market with confidence.

Our Testing Services

Change is the only constant in today’s world. A relentless cycle continues to reshape how we live and work. Supply chains have grown more complex and interconnected, even as businesses navigate shifting, inconsistent regulatory regimes.

In a connected global marketplace, the pressure to speed new products to market is intense – yet the brand risks posed by a flawed product have never been greater.

We help manufacturers and retailers define robust testing programs for products, components, materials, sites, or facilities. We test rigorously against agreed criteria, and deliver comprehensive reporting on the results. Our customers choose us for:

  • Cutting-edge technical expertise sharpened by standards development
  • Advanced testing facilities and on-the-ground experience in Canada, the US, and 12 other countries
  • A partnership approach focused on customer goals, led by a dedicated account manager
  • End-to-end services to help you go to market, maintain quality, and even evaluate cybersecurity

Knowledge, Experience, and Innovation

CSA Group has the technical knowledge and experience to set appropriate benchmarks and implement the testing program you need. In many cases, our technical expertise comes from developing the standards documentation that products are tested against.

We design testing workflows carefully for dependable performance and on-schedule projects. With a worldwide network of testing facilities, we can offer global flexibility or local expertise.

Our labs are equipped to test a wide range of products and evaluate their safety, efficiency, and performance. We test products, components, raw materials, and even sites and facilities, across a wide range of industries.

Our Partnership Approach

We know you demand safety and quality from your products. We also know that every day your product is not on the market is a day you’re not earning revenue.

That’s why we’re committed to going beyond the expected. We do everything we can to help expedite time to market for your products, while maintaining our uncompromising commitment to quality.

We develop solutions based on our in-depth understanding of your testing requirements, well-developed workflow processes, and an office and laboratory organization poised to serve you anywhere in the world. It’s how we help you achieve your goals for increased efficiency, speed to market, and access to markets in North America and around the world.