Voluntary Corrective Action Program for Riello Canada Model 40BF Series Oil Burners

In cooperation with CSA International, Riello Canada Inc. announced today a voluntary corrective action program for their 40BF series Residential Oil Burners. In late 1998, Riello Canada Inc. issued a Technical Service Bulletin to deal with a potentially defective post purge control used with some models. Complete instructions were given to safely disconnect the device until a tested replacement could be found. The purpose of this announcement is to inform the public that a replacement device is now available.

The burners affected bear the model designation 40BF and are equipped with an ET-25 Post Purge Control. The burners are primarily used with either residential boilers or furnaces. Riello Canada Inc. has established a program to replace the previously disconnected ET25 Post Purge Control under warranty.

By this announcement and by letter, customers are being notified that a replacement control, model K7R, is now available and that a fixed reimbursement for replacement labour has been established.

For more information call Riello Canada Inc. toll-free at 1-800-474-3556.