CSA International and Effikal announce the voluntary recall of gas vent dampers

In cooperation with CSA International, Effikal LLC of Orion Michigan is announcing a voluntary recall program for approximately 5000 Effikal Automatic Gas Vent Dampers in Canada. The dampers have, in some cases developed cracks on the plastic ears connecting the motor assembly to the mounting bracket. If both ears break, the motor assembly could disconnect from the bracket. Such a failure of the motor assembly combined with a failure of the appliance blocked vent switch could result in a carbon monoxide (CO) leak, posing a risk of CO poisoning. No incidents or injuries have been reported.

The recall involves Effikal RVGP-PC Gas Vent Dampers sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 inch that are installed with gas boiler systems listed below. The vent damper date code is located on a sticker under the motor assembly cap on the plastic base. Serial numbers are located on a label on the side of the damper’s cap. All sizes and models of the RVGP-PC have the same motor assembly with black Effikal caps and black plastic bases.

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Manufacturer Atmospheric Gas Boiler Models Vent Damper Date Codes Vent Damper Serial Numbers
Allied Engineering MG, MS and SG Series 0728 through 0809 3588428 through 3687571
Burnham Series 2b, Series 8h, and Independence
except Independence PV
0728-0738 3588428-3647820
Crown AWI, CWI and BSI Series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Hydro Therm R/MR, VGA, VS and HW Series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Laars JV Series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Lochinvar CBN Solution Series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
RBI Spectrum Series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Smith GB and HW Series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
New Yorker CG and CGS Series 0728-0738 3588428-3687571
Peerless MI, 63 and GM series 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Raypak Series XV-42-180
Series V-181-260 and 182-261
Series VII-133
0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Union Steam GWA and GSA 0728-0809 3588428-3687571
Weil-McLain CGa, EG, and PFG Series 0728-0738 3588428-3647830
WilliamsonThermoflo GWA and GSA s 0728-0738 3588428-3647831

The dampers were manufactured between July 1, 2007 and March 1, 2008 as part of gas boiler systems.

Consumers should immediately stop using the boilers, weather permitting, and contact their installer as soon as possible to confirm they have a recalled vent damper and to receive a free vent damper replacement.

For additional information, contact Effikal toll-free at (866) 790-3739, or visit their website at www.effikal.com

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