CSA International and Honeywell International Inc. Announce the voluntary recall of Fireplace and Stove Gas Control Valves

In cooperation with CSA International, Honeywell International Inc. of Morristown, New Jersey is voluntarily recalling approximately 2,000 Gas Control Valves in Canada. Due to an out-of-tolerance control knob, there is a possibility pilot gas could leak through the valve and accumulate inside the appliance if the knob is left in a position between OFF and PILOT. The accumulated gas could suddenly ignite when the user attempts to light the pilot and has the potential to injure the user by venting hot combustion gases through front facing spring loaded doors utilized for pressure relief.

Honeywell has received one report of an incident involving minor injury.

The Gas Control Valves that are being recalled are installed in propane-fueled direct vent (sealed combustion) decorative fireplaces and Franklin-type stoves. The recalled valves were manufactured between March 2004 and December 2006. The valves were sold exclusively to original equipment manufacturers for use on stoves and fireplaces made from April 2004 through August 2007 and include the following brands: Central Fireplace (Central Boiler), Empire Comfort/White Mountain Hearth, Flame International (SBI) Harji’s Fireplace Manufacturing Ltd., Inca Metal Cutting Ltd., Kozy Heat Fireplaces, Lennox Hearth Products, Mendota Hearth/Johnson Gas Appliance Co., Montigo (Canadian Heating Products) and Valley Comfort . Consumers should stop using the product immediately.

Consumers who believe they may have an affected appliance may visit the Honeywell website
www.nvp-hearth.honeywell.com to review a list of appliances with recalled valves and to register for the recall. For further assistance consumers should contact Honeywell at 1-800-939-4836 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday. Please have the manufacturer, model number and serial number of the appliance ready. The information can be found on the manufacturer’s label on the appliance. Honeywell will provide information on how to receive a free inspection and replacement valve.

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One of many different models of fireplaces in which the valves were installed.

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One of many different models of fireplaces in which the valves were installed.


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