CSA Group Warns of Unauthorized CSA Group Certification Claims by Rozzelli Industrial Vacuums and/or iVision America Industrial Vacuums.

CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a standards development organization, notifies members of the public of  the unauthorized advertisement of CSA Group certification claims identified on www.rozzelliindustrialvacuums.com and www.ivisionamerica.com.

Rozzelli Industrial Vacuums and IVision America Industrial Vacuums have not been certified by CSA Group.

There have been no reports of injury to date.

Consumers who have purchased industrial vacuums from Rozzelli Industrial Vaccums and/or IVision Americal Industrial Vacuums are asked to advise CSA Group’s Brand Protection team at [email protected].

Consumers who wish to verify CSA Group certification of products are encouraged to check CSA Group’s certified product listing.