CSA Group Warns of Packaging and Accompanying Instructions for Propane Gas Burners Displaying Unauthorized CSA Group Certification Marks

CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a leading standards development organization, notifies consumers, retailers and distributors of misused CSA Group Trademarks on packaging  and accompanying instructions for propane gas burners sold in the Canadian market.

The packaging and accompanying instructions displays a misused CSA mark implying the entire unit has been certified. Most provinces require the entire unit to be certified before sale. In this case CSA Group has only one component of the unit and not the unit as a whole. The identified units are Model “SGB-4040A” and “CCE-CN-0060” and branded as “Omcan” as well as excluding a brand on the packaging and accompanying instructions. These types of propane gas burners should be fully assembled by a professional before sale and tested for compliance with required safety standards. These particular units are sold as a kit for assembly by the purchaser.

There have been no reports of damage, fire or injury to date.

Consumers are encouraged to check CSA Group’s certified product listing to verify the certification of products.  Consumers with the affected models are advised to immediately discontinue use of the product and to contact CSA Group’s anti-counterfeiting team at [email protected].

Company: Omcan and unbranded packaged units and instructions

Model: “SGB-4040A” and “CE-CN-0060”

Identification: The units display an unauthorized CSA Group certification mark on the packaging and accompanying instructions as shown in the photos below: