CSA Group Announces New Energy Efficiency Verification Program for Small Electric Motors

CSA Group, a leading global provider of testing and certification services and a standards development organization, today officially announces an expansion to its scope of accreditation as a nationally recognized testing laboratory for small electric motors to the US Department of Energy (DOE) mandatory energy conservation standard. The new service is based on a US DOE determination classifying CSA Group as a nationally recognized certification program for energy efficiency verification of small electric motor rated from ¼ to 3 horsepower output.

In addition to the requirements in the US, Natural Resources Canada is implementing new energy efficiency regulations. Consultations on the new regulations are taking place between 2014 and 2016. This will align Canada to the US standards for energy efficiency unless there are unique circumstances. The new amendment applies to six regulated products, including small electric motors, increasing the minimum energy performance requirements, and providing updates to testing methodologies and labeling requirements.

“This new EEV small motor testing and certification program shows CSA Group’s commitment to energy conservation and a safer, more sustainable world,” said Magali Depras, Chief Operating Officer, CSA Group. “We continue to add new testing and certification programs to help manufacturers of electric motors reach global markets quickly while meeting the high standards for these products.”

CSA Group is an internationally recognized provider of testing and certification services for electrical equipment and components. CSA Group already offers solutions for manufacturers of electric motors selling in US and Canadian markets to help meet energy efficiency and electrical safety requirements. This new certification program will enhance the services already offered and will help clients meet testing and certification requirements for the new DOE energy conservation standard for small electric motors. Manufacturers wishing to sell small electric motors in the US will be required to comply with the new EEV standards by March 9, 2015 for a motor manufactured alone, or as a component of another piece of equipment and distributed for sale. Small electric motors that also require listing or certification by a nationally recognized testing laboratory must comply after March 9, 2017.

CSA Group has more than 30 years of leadership in energy efficiency and provides third party verification for compliance against a broad range of local, national and international energy performance standards and requirements. Its international network of technical experts provide testing and verification for performance standards including ENERGY STAR®, Natural Resources Canada, California Energy Commission and WaterSense®. CSA Group tests and verifies a variety of products for energy efficiency including: appliances, consumer electronics, HVAC equipment, plumbing products and motors.

About CSA Group

CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit member-based association dedicated to advancing safety, sustainability and social good. We are an internationally-accredited standards development and testing & certification organization. We also provide consumer product evaluation and education & training services. Our broad range of knowledge and expertise includes: industrial equipment, plumbing & construction, electro-medical & healthcare, appliances & gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability. The CSA mark appears on billions of products around the world.


Allison Hawkins
Manager, Corporate Affairs
CSA Group
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September 22, 2014