CSA Group Participated in 2016 SNEC, Providing PV Certification Authority to Help Chinese Enterprises to the World

CSA Group, a leading global provider of standards development and testing and certification services, participated in the 10th International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference & Exhibition (SNEC) held in Shanghai on May 23–May 26, 2016. As the world’s largest and most professional PV Exhibition, it attracts more than 1,500 domestic and foreign exhibitors each year and more than 150,000 viewers. CSA Group, as an industry leader in testing and certification for PV, and is committed to helping Chinese PV manufacturers to reach international markets by offering a one-stop service for testing and certification.


“2016 is the first year of Chinese ‘the 13th Five-Year’ in PV industry. With ‘The Belt and Road ‘ strategic guidance, Chinese manufactures have become world leaders in the photovoltaic industry,” said Jiang Yi, Vice President of China, CSA Group. “As a leader in standards development and testing and certification, CSA Group offers global access and local facilities to Chinese manufacturers. CSA Group is committed to helping manufacturers promote new and innovative technology in the PV industry.”

CSA Group is a leader in standards development, and testing and certification for new energy products. CSA Group has alternative energy testing laboratories in Canada, United States and China. The laboratory in China is located in the Kunshan high tech Development Zone, which covers an area of about 3,000 square meters. It is an ISO / IEC 17025 and ILAC testing laboratory. It can provide certification and testing services for PV modules, grid connected inverter and its accessories according to North America and IEC requirements and standards. It also offers testing and certification services for smart grid technology (GRIDS SMART).

In China, CSA Group offers services for local inspection, testing and certification of new energy products as well as provides global market access (GMA) for products including:  photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic components, energy storage systems, uninterrupted power supply and electric vehicle charging components. The range of the testing and certification services includes electrical safety certification, grid connected characteristics evaluation license, functional safety assessment, hazardous locations, reliability evaluation, production supervision, due diligence, photovoltaic power plant inspection, assessment, and custom commissioned assessment testing.

CSA Group’s alternative energy laboratory is a recognized PV module and inverter CB Laboratory (CBTL), and offers CB test reports. CSA’s Global Market Access (GMA) can help customers attain certification to multiple markets including: Mexico, Brazil, Japan and India. CSA has sophisticated testing equipment, experienced and professional certification experts, and an efficient certification process to help manufacturers reach global markets.

About CSA Group

CSA Group is an independent organization dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability.  Its knowledge and expertise encompass standards development; training and advisory solutions; global testing and certification services across key business areas including hazardous location and industrial, transportation, plumbing and construction, medical, safety and technology, appliances and gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability; as well as consumer product evaluation services.  The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide.   For more information about CSA Group visit www.csagroup.org

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May 25, 2016